Road to Nov 11 : #3 Biggest Mutated Takeover at #hitzswkinvasion

Saturday, November 09, 2013

[ C O U N T D O W N   :   T H R E E  ]



Refer to my previous entries about Sarawak Birthday Invasion :

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I'm really looking forward for this event and i cant hide the excitement! It's all over on my facebook and twitter.. I've been doing some stalking too.. haha!


On Friday, November 8 - the event start off with meet & greet session with the artistes before the concert (2.30pm).

I've arrive precisely at 2.20pm to the newly open serviced apartment hotel in Kuching - Citadines Uplands Kuching, opposite The Spring. The meet & greet session also for the winners for the invitation to the party later.

Photo courtesy from TripAdvisor
the session has started...
Sidney Samson signing posters after done with media. 
Sidney’s career as a producer and DJ took off from his first real club banger was called ‘It’s All Funked Up!’ (Spinnin’ Records). After the release in 2003, Sidney knew that he couldn’t stop here and locked himself up in his studio. ‘Nobody Move’, ’Rock This’, ‘Girls’, ‘Aeroplane’ and ‘Viruz’ were some resulting floor fillers, just to name a few.
He quickly became one of the most dominant forces in the Dutch scene. After a number of club hits, Sidney broke into the charts when he released the now infamous: ‘Riverside’!
‘Riverside’ was immediately supported by virtually the entire who is who in dance music and became a worldwide chart hit after conquering club land, reaching platinum status in Australia, entering the UK Charts at #2 and having top 10 chart positions in dozens of countries around the globe.
Get to know Sidney Samson [ HERE ]

Will perform on Sarawak Birthday Invasion, Arafah Edruce aka Arabyrd. This Sarawakian sexy pop songbird have broken boundaries of the Malaysian music scene with her brand of futuristic beat over booty bass lines and sharp lyrics, paired with an eccentric fashion sense. 
This Virgo star just isn't your typical Malaysian pop artist. When Arabyrd hits the stage, all eyes on her as she commands attention with her infectious rhymes and energy like no other. 
Groundbreaking is how you want to describe Arabyrd because being regular just won't cut it with her. Don't let her cute and tomboy style fool you because Arabyrd is straight up witty and not afraid to speak her mind.
Read more about Arabyrd [ HERE ]

Sidney Samson take the opportunity to say hello to Arabyrd. How sweet!

Mikael Adam better known by his stage name, SonaOne is a gifted graffiti artist, music producer, songwriter, rapper and live performer. His mother, who worked as a dance choreographer, was instrumental in shaping Sona’s taste in music as a young SonaOne observed as his mother dug through crates of vinyl’s searching for grooves to use for her dance routine. 
Get to know more about SonaOne [ HERE ]

Project E.A.R (East Asia Region)
Project E.A.R. is the voice of a new era in global music; it is the tie that binds musicians together from continents divided by cultural, political and language barriers. Moots! from Pop Shuvit (Malaysia), Jamir from Slapshock (Philippines), and MC Dandee from Thaitanium/Bangkok Invaders (Thailand) conceptualised and established Project E.A.R. as a platform to propagate this cause. 
United through friendship and the common goal of breaking Asian music on a global stage, the trio roped in friends from various groups around South East Asia and officially launched the collective at the MTV Asia Awards in 2008.
Read more about Project E.A.R. [ HERE ]

After receiving my media pass for tonight, attacking the light snacks before we all dispersed to get ready for the event tonight.

Excitement Level : ▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ █ 100 % Hahaa!

Time to Muxic with XPLAY Sarawak Birthday Invasion Concert

Reach Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) at 6.30pm.

The crowds during that time...

Last chance to grab XZone (VIP passes which is closest to the stage.) by reloading RM30 on the spot. Xpax user also will get extra perks such as free drinks simply by reloading!

The look in BCCK lobby at 6.55pm
Right in front of the stage but not quite! Haha

The closest to the stage. 
There are two big screens on each side of the hall - every now and then they will display real-time tweets that have been sent. Twitter users can use the same hashtag that has been created - #hitzswkinvasion.
Around 7.45pm the concert started by announcers - Natasha ( Sarawak) and Rica ( Sabah).

The energetic crowd are getting more lively when they began to be given special tshirt for tonight's event. Ahhh.... where's mine??! haha....

Morning duos : Ean and Jinnyboy surely making the girls screamed louder..
*mine! mine! mine!*

Ladies and gentleman... the party is officially STARTO ! Woohoo!
[ I didnt take any note on the songlist for tonight events.. too busy capturing photos while enjoying myself.. ]

Moving on.....

Project E.A.R. is the first to rock BCCK...

•^v^–[ Woohooo!! ]–^v^•
More tshirts to giveaway...
Arabyrd is second in line to perform... Her song 'Kek', I remember very well from the last Kartell showcase in 2011.

Arabyrd also collaborated with SonaOne to performed a song called "Bum Bum" for the first time ever! SonaOne then take over the stage after Arabyrd.

Yayy!! More confettis bursts... It's time for Lil Jon!! Cant wait to get crunking with the King Of Crunk!

░░▒▓███ | Lil Jon | THE KING OF CRUNK! |  ███▓▒░░

Lil Jon is wearing his own brand of clothing and headwear called 2Vicious 

Lil Jon, accompanied by Shawty Putt [ Signed to Lil Jon's label, BME/Razor & Tie] 

Shot! Shot! Shot! Shot! .... yup that's water alright! Lil Jon and Shawty Putt seems to have a great time splashing the crowds during "Shots [LMFAO]" song.

Shawty Putt took the opportunity to sell his album featuring Lil Jon titled "Dirty Raps"

Too bad there's no aftershow session with Lil Jon... I would love take a once-in-a-lifetime photo with him holding a poster i've created that saying "Happy Birthday!" Try to chased him outside the main hall but too late! :: Bummer ::

| Update : Anyway.. Below is a short video on Lil' Jon performance... I have to delete the original music due to the poor recording quality. The music is edited by me but the song [Shots by LMFAO] was one of the songs performed by Lil Jon and Shawty Putt that night. Sorry, cant be viewed using mobile.. Youtube auto setting.. |

After few minutes paused for announcers again to be on the stage to give away more tshirts before its been taken over by who else if not, Jakeman and Skeletor...!!!

An awesome mash ups on the decks by Jakeman and Skeletor

views of the top... after I could not find Lil Jon .. hahaha

Look who I found here? Handsome guy Awi Rafael who happened to be in Kuching for recording a tv program.
Another highlight of the nights and eventhough he is the last one to performed... 

╔══╗ ♫ 
║██║ ♪♪
╚══╝ Turn up that volume!!!

He started his performance with the first song featuring Lil Jon *OMG.. He is still around!* called Mutate and non-stop mixed after that. 

[Update : Watch my compilation short video for Sidney Samson. I deleted the original music in this video too due to the poor recording quality. The song "Riverside" and "Mutate" featuring Lil Jon was some of few numbers played by Sidney Samson that night.]

I love to see him during his DJing the night out because he was always smiling ... He's really love and enjoy behind the decks.. His mixing skills are great and is not planning to slow down anytime soon... His fans certainly has increased tonight. Nonetheless, I'd be the newest fans!

Oh yeah!! I forgot to highlight about the Time to Muxic with Xplay also represents the digital clubbing experience, combining an euphoric fusion of digital wizardry and international DJs at the forefront of the dance music scene to bring the dance floor to life. Hypnotizing animation are showing on background. *Please scroll up if you didn't see it...*

By the way, i didn't get the chance to see how Blinx app works... (for Xpax user only) All i know is that the app will sync to mobile phone and LED flashes to the beat of the music, available for  high-end iOS and Android only.

Meanwhile... announcers take this opportunity to meet with fans who want to shake hands and take pictures together. They all join together with the fans to enjoy the music played by Sidney Samson on stage and playing with beach balls.

Before this event draws its curtains for the year 2013, all the announcers take the opportunity to thank to the sponsors and also to everybody especially the listeners.

At 12.30am, the great night has finally take a bow...

Last but not least, I would like to extend my gratitude to Sarawak and it's sponsors for having NTGravity Zone on the biggest Birthday party for this year! Happy Birthday Sarawak!! Many more years to come!


NTGravity : Good times... Good times....

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