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Saturday, November 02, 2013

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Hello Hello... You know what its been awhile since my last entry about relationship....

Lately I often received emails about datings or relationships - mostly, guy problems! I don't know why you girls sending me emails asking those questions, i'm no Aunty Agony but this gives me an idea. Thank you. 

I gonna make two entries in conjunction with me celebrating my birthday and also to tell you all that I was not an expert in romance .. I am still single and been through dozens of failures in relationships. Most of it - my guys cheated on me... so let me tell you what i know...

DISCLAIMER : This is my own personal compilations.... 

First, let me list down the WHYs... I have 11! and they are...,

׺°”˜`”°º× ׺°”˜`”°º× ׺°”˜`”°º×

11. Life Change :
You have change physically or emotionally and now he looks at you in a different perspective and (obviously) he did not like it... at all!

10. Two in One :
When he want you to be his girlfriend, he was still with her. Even though 'probably' he is in 'breaking-up' process but if he can be with you while he's trying to let go the other girl (this is include spend time with her and yadaa yaadaa yadaaa..) - he surely got the time to have another girl while with you in the future!
I always believe to have 'breathing' period or having a small time-off before move on to another new relationship. I mean start off as friend while you settle all your deal with the other girl - once you are okay, start new with fresh mind and open heart. Dont be too rapacious to get back in relationship. Call me old-fashioned or whatever because if not, it usually will lead to the next why...

09. Inni Minni Mainni Mo :
He cant choose either you or the other girl so usually he will selfishly decided to keep you... both!
I really love this quote from my man Johnny Depp because although  is painful, but it is true...

“if you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second.”

08. Want you to be the guilty side :
When the relationship turns sour, fighting or quarrelling seems a norm agenda and yet, he dont want to look bad by dumping you first. He start to cheated on you either to getaway from this misery or (most probably) so that you will get mad and break up!

07. NO is not an option to him :
Even while having a relationship with you, he still wanted to leave some options open - and when there are other gorgeous hot sexy women began to tease him, HE wont stop! He just cant say 'No'...

06. Flame gone dim :
When he did not attracted (physically or emotionally) to you anymore, per se!

05. Extra Love space :
Well... he cant just love one person... He just cant!!

04. Ego let him in :
To keep up with his male ego - perhaps because of the influence of peers, perhaps he wants to know if he still 'have it' or.. i dont know. Man...

03. Curious kills :
Sometimes when it is too long (duration) in a relationship it's seems to turn so monotonous, men would like to know whether he is still attractive in the eyes of other women. Especially when he is way older than you.

02. You let him, girlfriend :
Yup, i'm being honest. Sometimes it is not caused by man alone but our own mistake. We may be too busy with our jobs or maybe too much time spend with our children (OMG and raising them!). We tends to nagging a bit - well us, Ladies, We had to fill the nagging quota for a day, right? Men who are not strong at heart will easily become bored and start looking for outside entertainment. If there are women who want to reach out his handheart, is easy to melt him. That moment on, you might fall number two in his list.

01. He didnt love you :
Well if he did, he wont be doing all this sh*t right? Cheating is a choice not mistake!

There 11 reason from my point of views..

NTGravity : Been there done that... get my heart broken!

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