Wanna win PS4, iPhone 5s and iPad Air?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Whoa.... I want them all....! Give it to me...

If you want to win it too, all you have to do is hit the 'Like' button.

Astro Radio Sdn Bhd (ARSB) is rewarding its listeners with big prizes worth RM8000 now on hitz.fm, ERA fm and MY FM.

All three stations aren’t just broadcasting music, providing the best entertainment and varieties as well as bringing the biggest concert in town but also giving out elite rewards to the listeners throughout the year through the airwaves, online or on the ground. In the beginning of 2014, listeners of all three stations will stand a chance to win PS4, iPhone 5s and iPad Air.

As long as you ‘LIKE’ any of these stations, you can stand a chance to win. The contest will be close on 17 January 2014.

For more information on how to win from respective stations, log on to ;

ERA fm
Frequency in Kuching : 96.1 FM
Frequency in Miri  : 101.3FM
Website : sarawak.era.fm
Astro Channel : CH 856
hitz. fm
Frequency in Kuching : 95.3 FM
Frequency in Miri  : 105.8FM
Website : www.hitz.fm
Astro Channel : CH 852

Frequency in Kuching : 96.9 FM
Frequency in Miri  : 103.2FM
Website : www.my.com.my
Astro Channel : CH 853

NTGravity : Well good luck y'all....

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