Sungkei Ria Ramadhan is Back

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Salaam... [May Peace Be Upon You]

Thinking of eating out during iftar? On 11 May 2019 - NTGravity Zone's team got a chance to enjoy our iftar moment at Sungkei Ria Ramadhan Buffet at Riverside Majestic Hotel Puteri Wing.

This year’s Ramadhan, Riverside Majestic Hotel offers Sungkei Ria Ramadhan Buffet at Riverside Majestic Hotel Puteri Wing available from 6th May until 4th June this year, from 6:30pm until 10:00pm.

For Muslim guests’ convenience, Riverside Majestic Hotel provides designated male and female prayer rooms and a section for wuduk. No worries to go for solat Maghrib and come back to continue eating.
Enjoy the discounted price if purchased from their site deal [LINK]

Talking about the the buffet spread at Café Majestic Coffee House features mouth-watering Traditional Malaysian Kampung and International cuisines in a relaxing ambience and atmosphere. 

Starters from ulam - ulaman [local style - salad] 
Varieties of sambal available. 
Quite a selections of local ulam-ulaman also served with a selection of sambal such as Sambal Belacan, Sambal Hijau, Sambal Mangga and Sambal Petai. Also assorted kerabu are served as appetisers alongside the wide selection of fresh salads.

My starters - while waiting for the queue line is clear.
Their signature Bubur Lambuk and Bubur Pedas together with assorted dates and a selection of homemade and local breads are part of the daily menu.

Dimsum and Laksa Sarawak.
At carving station, this buffet serves Roasted Lamb and Biryani Rice. Grilled Stations for meat lovers - sliced beef / chicken wings / lamb shoulder are available and also grilled prawns and fish for seafood lovers.

Just a glimpse of food on their buffet line.

ABC as my dessert before i end my session.

hot and cold drinks are available at buffet counter.
Salam Ramadhan from NTGravity Zone's family to all Muslim wherever you are.  Have a generous and blessed Ramadhan~❤️

NTGravity : I hope something good will happen this month. Aamiin.

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