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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Hello Ladies...

Ladies, have you ever face any of these problem about your bra? 
I love shopping undergarments - especially brassiere and i don't have specific favourite brand at the moment but i could just grab one and or up to three [bras] just like that if i feels like it - either online, from catalogue or store.

I'm just an average girl when buying my bra [especially on a catalogue] - i usually just follow what size i'm in, that's it.

My only problem is the bulges on the sides after while wearing a bra and i never knew i can fix it by changing my bra [and how i wear it too]. Read on about my life-changing experience finding my bosom best friend.

It happen last week when NTGravity Zone and few other female bloggers from Sarawak Bloggers Society to a private fitting session at Neubodi.

Located at L1-45, first floor Vivacity Mall, Kuching
I know Neubodi from their website and my first thought when walked in 'Hmm... a typical lingerie shop.'

It's 11ish am and the outlet was flooded with curious customers and what they had told me - loyal VIPs whom have only shopped Neubodi through online store.

Neubodi representative Anushya and Joyce brief us about Neubodi. 
The outlet is designed based on three principles : intimacy, elegance and clarity. The layouts organised to showcase at least 50 different styles in wide range of cup, in specific collection.

"When i envision an intimate apparel store, I think if a woman's very own personal space of a walk-in wardrobe in a lingerie haven. This is exactly what we are trying to achieve here, we want to captivate the customers by creating the most intimate and enjoyable experience for them while being pampered by our holistic bra fitting pro."
- Estee Ong, GM of Neubodi 

"Every Woman Deserve the Right Bra" conveys the philosophy and passion behind the creation of the Neubodi brand.
Every piece of of Neubodi bra requires a far greater proportion of manual work - from crafting, cutting, stitching, testing to fitting, each bra goes through at least 45 stages of assembly with over 60 different parts of materials to create the impeccable fit. 
Variety of comfortable daily lingerie
Neubodi was awarded with the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand award in May 2011 - marking a testament in being a distinguish brassiere label for everyday comfort.
"How you care for your bra is how your bra will care for you.." The sacred words all ladies should believe. *Thanks Erica!*
Logically, it's advisable to own at least 3 bra so we can rotate it - one to be wash, one to be wear and one to have rest. This also will ensure the life-span of our beloved and reliable bra.

Neubodi practices a holistic fitting method, an impeccable technique using ears, eyes and touch. 

I was ushered to one of fitting rooms Juliana [my consultant for that day] have and started to measure me, not using measuring tape but using a unique hand measuring technique to help them find the right bra that is best suited to my shape.

She just gently 'measured' it by holding under my breast or my ribs area and then go and look for bra that i need.

Again the sceptical thoughts like 'nahhh, she won't get the right one for me'

A photo posted by Aliey Eyezie (@ntgravity) on

Juliana, one of sales consultant of Neubodi Vivacity - teach and assist me the right way to put on a bra. She explained why all budges happen - it's because of all fatty tissues around the breast are spread all over our body [ yes, even on our upper arms] due to wearing wrong bra for so long. She even show me my right bra cup. Instead of wearing C cup... i'm actually an H cup!

I'm so glad for being there that day... I discovered many things about my beloved twins. I wear the wrong size all this years and those bulges that i hate actually is part of my boobs too.

Naturally it fix my body posture too!

Side note : Some ladies might be shy to let other person look their intimate asset but worry, they're well trained.

The RIGHT WAY to put on a bra and many other info you might need to know | Visit Neubodi website.
Bust-up cream and oil and delicate laundry wash also available in store.
The right way to treat our bra.
So guys [ i know your curiosity. *wink wink*]

You can also treat your loved ones for a new bra at Neubodi - i really love what i have experience in Neubodi. They didn't just doing sales, they will make sure you walk out from the store with the right bra that best suited you.

Thank you Neubodi for this beautiful new friend - Helena!

Group photo with Neubodi's reps | Oh yeah you can visit or like Neubodi Facebook HERE
Want to know my fellow blogger's point of view about Neubodi? Visit them at :

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NTGravity : i will definitely come back to get Juliette - name for each bra!

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  1. Wait;... there's a size H?? I thought it stops at D... lol.

    Anyway the bra trick was taught to me a few years back by a salesgirl in midvalley. it was fun! very educational isnt it? who knew we have so much spread fat and flesh that could've been in the cup instead of around it! Lol

    1. Kann...?! LOL.... nope.. they have it until 100i and its really melon size... melon size i said!

      Yup, it's fun and educational and i would teach my young if i ever have one... now i start to 'herd' those fat back to where it belongs... hahahahahah


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