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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Assalamualaikum... [May Peace be Upon you...]

Few nights before Hari Raya 2014.. I was zapped by my sweetheart... twice!

Already been notified about its problem by the customer service at Samsung, and to repair it - it's expensive for those who do not earn so much as I am. 

I'm planning to get a high - end smartphone like Samsung Note 3 as I'm not really interested to exchange phone every now and then... but after what happen.. i just managed to get the any phone within RM600 range ( only after 3 months of saving... huhu).

After almost 15mins window shopping and 30mins thinking and a little bit haggling... I finally bought....

I kind of love the display as this is my first big screen smartphone... It's IPS capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors... With 5.0 inches screen  (~294 ppi pixel density) actually already bring some smile to my face...

It's my first time to know about Corning Gorilla Glass 3, and i'm glad to choose this phone with that protection as i'm kind of clumsy on certain time.. hahaha...

For the sound... it ticks all my boxes... you can personalized the sound and the level of the sound easily...

The memory... ahh... i'm surely grateful... for almost 3 years i'm using 180 MB plus 290 MB RAM... I take revenge by downloading all the apps that I would love to but i cant at this phone! hahahaha!!!

This phone 8 GB, 1 GB RAM plus up to 64GB (microSD)

Take note these are personalised icons from Line Deco app

Primary : 8 MP, 3264 x 2448 pixels, autofocus, LED flash... 

The camera is a bit disappointing for me.. the camera works well with well-lit area (well duhhh...) Although Asus did say about their feature such as PixelMaster which could capture nice photo in dark... but i'm so avoid taking dark photo for now... 

The camera speed a bit slow, the focusing seems to be a bit slow and sometimes blankly out-of-focus. Even with Turbo mode - the speed or focusing processing still slow. At least a second plus plus delay for every shots. Even Samsung Galaxy Y captured faster than this phone.

So... use this phone when you're not in hurry...

Below are some photos in various situation... no editing only resize for this blog plus my blog watermark....

oh yeah Zenfone 5 does not support video call.... *bummer!!*

Rear Camera

Pc game graphic - with very minimum lighting

Outdoor - evening and after rain scene

Night - no flash.

Inside a moving car

Indoor with fluorescent lamps. No flash.

Indoor - yellow lighting. No flash.

Inside car - sunlight.

Food photo - close up shot. No flash.

Food photo - close up shot. No flash.

Night - With Flash.

Animated photo right from my Zenfone 5

Video 1080p@30fps... [ not mine...]

Secondary 2 MP [Front Camera]

FEATURES OS Android OS, v4.3 (Jelly Bean), upgradable to v4.4.2 (KitKat)


Non-removable Li-Po 2110 mAh battery...

- taken from Asus Website [ Go There ]
[Read : Long Battery Life 
Intel Atom processor is energy efficient, so you can chat and play without worrying about battery life.] 
I've tried doing those below....

 Internet 24/7

Apps : Whatsapp, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter
Games : CSI, Clash of Clans, TopEleven, Hay Day etc - last up to 5 - 4 hours...

 Without internet 24/7 [ 
only online when needed ]
Apps : Whatsapp, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter
Games : Clash of Clans, TopEleven, Hay Day etc - only can last for 6 - 4 hours

 Without internet

Apps : Didnt use any media social apps.
Games : playing app [that does not need internet connection] - 7 to 8 hours

The downfall... once the battery left around 10% - you MUST left your Zenfone 5 charging alone or it will shutdown by itself - even if you already plugged it in... the power still drop if you still playing heavy game or even keep on surfing.. and beware using Facebook Messenger (yup, the head popup) can drained your battery so fast!

...and to wait it fully charged (or even 50%)... takes long time...


System Notification
Quick setting
Glove mode

You can personalized your contacts display accordingly.. 
The timezone cities need to be update... Limited cities... Even the city i lived in was not in the list...

Alright... that's about it... i hope you all ok with my first time review entry....

NTGravity : Nothing last forever but i hope this phone will last as long as it can... 


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