Live To Love, Love To Live?

Friday, September 19, 2014


Few days ago, NTGravity Zone was invited to attend a press conference at Station One Cafe, The Hills Shopping Mall here in Kuching.

This is my first entry about it [ READ HERE ]

I would love to extend my gratitude to +ERA fm  Kuching for inviting us [ from Sarawak Bloggers] and of course to +Sarawak Bloggers Society for the opportunity.

I've reach The Hills Shopping Mall around 11.50am and directly to the venue.

Before I go and met my fellow Sarawak Bloggers members Ophelia [ Visit her blog | HERE] and Willie [ Visit his blog | HERE]

Registration first...

 Got my media pass...

 ...and some more goodie from Astro... [ not including Afgan signatured CD ]

Lunch set sponsored by +Station One Cafe.. [ Thank you, it's hontoni oisshii! ]

Around 1.20pm, Afgan came... and the press conference started..

Era FM Kuching radio presenter Osha as our host for that evening...

Afgan looking at the Leema's bottle... It's a local carbonated drink and it's quite popular here...  Also present at the conference media is Astro Radio Operations Manager, Dhan Sayna, General Manager of Suria Records Sdn Bhd, Edwin Tan, Leema's Chief Executive Officer, Amin Aznizan, Marketing Manager of The Hills Shopping Mall, Lynn Leong, Vice Director of the Station One, Corry Tan and representatives from Orang Kampong Production, Amin Anuar.

Afgan gave his opening speech..

This "L1ve to Love, Love to L1ve" is his third album. He's signature number '1' also been used in his last two albums.

This is his first time to Kuching, Sarawak and he is surely looking forward to perform in front of his fans the day after...

When asked about an incident where a female fan kiss him on his cheek and what will happen if its happen again?

Afgan just shyly answered,"Kalau sudah rezeki gi mana ya..." [ Read : If it's my luck, what can i say! ]

There's a lot of question back and forth from the media to Afgan but i'm too busy looking at him... LOL....

Anyways, before the session is over - Afgan gave away his signed framed poster to each sponsor representatives.

It's photo sessions.... After few minutes waiting... it's our turn! Wefie with +Afgansyah Reza *yayyyy!!!*

... then after that a group photo.... [ please dont feel dizzy.. ]

There are some more interview session with other media.. I'm just want to shoot some more photos of +Afgan...

while at that... it's another wefie with Era FM Kuching presenters... two of four of them...

 with Wan...

and Afick...

Right after that, Afgan has signed my CD... Thank you again...

...few minutes later, its time for him to leave Station One Cafe and back to his hotel...

but before that.... signed the banner near the stage.

... and me too... hahaha

NTGravity : Cant wait tomorrow... i'm sure it will be a blast!

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