CNY Carnival with artistes from Astro Ben Di Quan

Monday, January 20, 2014

In celebration of the upcoming Chinese New Year, Astro brought the Kuching people the joy of spring in the Chinese New Year Carnival featuring a lineup of artistes from Astro Ben Di Quan, held at the Boulevard Shopping Mall on the 11 January 2014 [ Saturday ]

NTGravity Zone was also invited to experience the festive feeling.

The carnival featured Astro Star Quest talents – Geraldine Gan, Nicole Lai, Justin Ng, Eng Yee Min, Shian Ter, Juztin Lan, Peace Teo, Stephanie Liew, Fyone Tan and Jordan Sen who thrilled the crowd with Chinese New Year song performance, as well as interactive games to give away prizes.

I dont really understand most of the thing their talking about but i'm sure it's really fun from the feedback from the massive crowd that night.

The event start off with Chinese New Year song performed by Peace Teo, Stephanie Liew and Fyone Tan followed by a game session with additional artistes, Eng Yee Min.

Stephanie Liew
Peace Teo
Fyone Tan 
 Winners from Astro Talent Quest 2010
Guess the Chinese New Year Song games
Funny hint
Everybody is a winner
More Chinese New Year song performed by Eng Yee Min and Shian Ter.

Led by award-winning director Chiu Keng Guan, the main cast from Astro’s Chinese New Year movie The Journey, Joanne Yew and Frankie Lee also joined the full-filled event to promote this heart-warming film which is set to premiere on 30 January 2014 in cinemas nationwide.

Song Performance – Soundtrack of The Journey by Geraldine Gan

Ushering in the year of the Horse in 2014, Astro launched its latest Chinese New Year album alongside a new Chinese New Year mascot named “Mali” which is sure to be a popular figure amongst Malaysians during this festive season.

Choo Chi Han, Vice President of Chinese Customer Business, Astro explained,
“Mali literally means ‘horsepower’ in Chinese, while the zodiac sign of the Horse symbolizes a driving force, passion and vitality. In line with that, we encourage everyone to live up to your aspirations at full speed, similar to turning up your ‘horsepower’ to make your dreams, no matter small or big, come true in this auspicious year ahead.”
Anyway, another Chinese New Year song performed by Jordan Sen and Juztin Lan.

Another game session with Juztin Lan, Jordan Sen, Geraldine Gan, Nicole Lai, Justin Ng and  Shian Ter.

Another Chinese New Year song performed by Geraldine Gan, Nicole Lai and Justin Ng.

Distributed by Multimedia Entertainment Sdn Bhd, Astro’s Chinese New Year Album is available in both CD and DVD and will be hitting shelves nationwide at a retail price of RM19.90.

Meanwhile the super cute “Mali” plush toys come in two sizes and the exclusive twin pack will be up for grabs at RM59.90 at Tesco stores across the country. The parent and pony toys are priced at RM36.90 and RM24.90 respectively and both are available at CD Rama and selected Eu Yan Sang branches.

NTGravity : Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!

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