Photo Challenge #1 | Handwritting

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Hello... 大家好![Dajia hao!]

As I am now trying to learn about photography, I challenged myself with 'Photo Challenge' every day for 31 days. 

As i have zero knowledge when my first time handling this Canon DSLR 1100D owned by my Souljas - Nru & Ee. Yet, my first project using this camera is their pre - wedding  until wedding reception photoshoot.

During that time i got some tips from few Amateur and Pro Photographers. Have a glimpse on my very first time using DSLR. 

Pre Wedding Photoshoots
Solemnization Ceremony
Outdoor Photoshoot
Wedding Dinner Reception
That's pretty much on my first time. 
There's a whole lots of thing i need to learn and i'm not going to stop!

Back to our topic... Photo Challenge.. It's might nothing much but i hope i could learn the PSAM Modes [ Learn About it HERE ] and manually focus instead of using Scene Modes [ learn About it HERE ]

The first challenge is "Handwriting."

This handwriting is when i'm jotting notes in press conference. Now i usually just use my mp3 player to record down.
This is my handwriting last two years - i'm jotting down few notes before i start with my New Year entry.
This is when my idea is start to flow. This is some notes for my on-going malay novel 3xBenci 4xCinta [Click Title To Read]
Something that must stick on the fridge.
On calendar as reminder.
There.  Five photos of my own handwritting. One day down... 30 days to go! In Shaa Allah... 

Okay.. Gotta go... Going for CNY visiting..!
NTGravity : Finally i get to do something i really love!

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