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Saturday, February 08, 2014

Salam... Howdy...

An activity i love... that's the photo challenge for today... If this is your first time visiting NTGravity Zone | [The] [R]ant [O]f  [C]hivalrous [K]uching [G]irl - Welcome!! Nice to see you here... I'm Aliey.. *shakehands*

I'm in a photo challenge for 31 days and this is the 8th day... Yesterday challenge was....,

Want to know what usually in my bag? Read it HERE
An activity that i love to do....
Planting flowers...?
peeping my cat...?
Hanging out with homeless cats...?
Watching turtles laying eggs...?
Going to the beach...?
 Yes to all above... but that's when i have time and some budget to spend...

This is my weekly activity that i love to do the most...

L E P A K 

[ Read: Lay+Park | Meaning : Hanging Out With Friends]

Below photo was taken using Samsung Grand Duos [ Thank You, Riner! The phone owner..]
This was taken during Liverpool vs Arsenal match.. F.Y.I Liverpool won!! Yayyy!!!
I [and my Wonderful Souljas] always go to this place since 2007! Despite how many times their owner has changed, we remained faithful!

Usually we will hanging out here during football night [ English Premier League ] or impromptu call...

This place is so close to my heart.. whenever we change our port to hang out, it's never feel the same...
My favourite drink - Teh C Peng Special [It's tea latte with wheatgrass and palm sugar syrup ]
The usual change after few transaction - food and drinks...
Yayy... Done!

See you all tomorrow.. In Shaa Allah... do not miss me!

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