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Thursday, February 06, 2014

Salam... Hello....

Welcome back to NTGravity Zone's 31 days Photo Challenge. 

Yesterday's Challenge. Read about it HERE
Today's challenge is "A Favourite Place"

I have lots of favourite... and this is the most favourite place i want to be. My own room... 

This is the place where my most idea emerged.. and when i need some ideas or stuck in the middle of sentence, i usually will staring at the ceiling.

Most of the time, i'll get at least some more ideas and continue whatever i'm doing.. [ usually when i'm writing my own malay novel - 3x Benci 4x Cinta20,734 reads so far ] I love sitting in the dark staring at my ceiling for more motivation while typing on my humble Samsung. 

I am a Glow-In-Dark fan and i have it all over my room - wall and ceiling... 

Some of the glow-in-dark on my ceiling.. the Doraemon series... Hehehe...
This is how it look in the dark
I have more on the wall... but too many dustbunnies on it... Lazy to clean it up! haahaa.... (-_-!)>~scratch...

Each person has their own personality right? Welcome to my world... Haha
Some of my ongoing novel is been composed...
 There.... that's it! Thank you for stopping by.... ciao~

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