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Wednesday, February 05, 2014

╰( ´・ω・)つ──☆ お帰りなさい!! [Okaerinasai!! Welcome Back!!]✿✿✿✿✿✿

Welcome  to NTGravity [Read : Anti Gravity] Zone!
It's the fifth day of photo challenge... Recap yesterday challenge was...,

Read about it HERE
Today challenge is "Something You Made" and i'm going to do an easy Honey Dew flavour pudding.

Taken from AZIMART maiShop blog
If you ever see or buy this pudding .. now you can make yourself at home! It is cheap and easy!

Here we go... You need to prepare...,

a can of evaporated milk
Three litres of water
100 grams of sugar
Pudding powder.. This time i'm using Honey Melon Flavour. My favourite flavour so far is vanilla..
This is what it's look like... pudding powder
This is the fruit sugar.
Cups.. If you don't have cups like this, just paper cup will do.
There... You are ready to make your own pudding. First boil water and then add sugar and milk. 

Let it simmer. Transfer to a big jug [ for easy pouring later ] or if you are okay with whatever you're using... Pour in the pudding powder, stir well.

Pour the fruit sugar and stir to mix it well.

Pour in to any moulds you want to use. Let it cool down a bit before you put on the cap.

If you want to put fruits or nata de coco - this is the best time.

Put it in the fridge before serving.

Cool down before cap and in to the fridge.
Ready to eat! *Itadakimasu~*
It's so easy if you suddenly craving to eat it and it's cheap - within RM15 and it's can served up to 20 cups [if you using the one that i show you] It's a good dessert for party or gathering too...! Good luck trying....

NTGravity : Yummehhh....— eating pudding with whipped cream.

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