Photo Challenge #12 | From A Distance

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hey there...

From a distance.. that's the photo challenge for today... and to recap yesterday challenge... scroll below....,

Want to know where is this..? Read about it HERE
Let's see...

Pandan leaves... and place for the birds to eat. 
Outdoor clothesline.
A bird on a tree...
Soursop fruit - planted by my mother (or my father.. i've forgotten)
Dinner time for our cats [ plus some strays too.]
That is a few months old female kitty named Milo.
This photo i have to captured it from a distance.. for sure. I even have to turned into a ninja so this male stray cat won't run away. Although he is a stray but I am very fonded of this tomcat.

Why so serious putty cat....?
 Alright... thats it! Thank you for visiting.... :)

NTGravity : I Miss You, Mr Bobbee.... 

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