120 hours Between Making A Living And Agony

Sunday, March 02, 2014


Tadaima!! I'm back! Yuuhuuuu *waving excitedly*

For those of you who follow my "31 Days Photo Challenge" posts which is now stuck in day 12th...

I'm Very Sorry For The Delayed!!

Credit to respective owner of this photo.

It has to do with my post today..

As some of you might know - i'm between jobs since 2012 and i was not expected to start this job so soon but i can't let go the chance.. 

No need for me to tell where or with whom I work, enough for me to tell the story and you read it.

That one fine day, i start this new life - working at a mall's food court from 10am to 10pm. [ That's why i don't have much time to do this photo challenge.]

welcome welcome... hehehe

For those who are experienced in this line [ myself | 15 years ], this job is so easy! All i have to do is manning the counter and attending orders, the best part is i don't need to serve the customer to their table..

Seriously i felt that i robbed my new boss for a quite beautiful salary.

THAT'S MY FRIEND, is only my thought on my first day!

Just a question to you... [ In case you ever experience or try ]

How many hours you can stand up / walking / doing things without sitting down?

30 minutes? One Hour? 5 Hours? 8 Hours?

Credit to Laura Zera

Ok... If you can go more than 3 Hours - Here A Salute for you!

Credit to Tigerhawk01
For a record, i ever walk at least 8km [ 2 hours without stopping ] back home because my car broke down and nobody was able to fetch me. As a result, I'm having muscle spasms later that night! Twice! Hahaha!

Imagine yourself standing or moving without sitting down at least 11hours out of 12hours a day with at least;
- deduction 5 - 10mins times 2 to the loo
- 'cheat-sit-ting' at any available surfaces. [ I called it cheat because everytime customer passing by or stop by, i have to get up so it's like random reset time.]

In case you wondering, there's not even one chair provided... Not because they can't, they just don't! Compare to surrounding rivals which they do provide at least few stools for their staffs.

I'm felt old for feeling this tired with foot pain... [ Note | 34 years old body ] - the first night after closing the place, we [ my close friend and i ] head home straight. After shower and one hot drink, both of us just planking on the bed and snores awayy~

Only day 2 onwards we can stay up [after back from works] in our room, chatting while massaging our own legs. LOL! Sound so old! Bleahhhhh~!

Even both of us determined to face the challenge [ standing ] head ups but only until day 7 when my close friend's legs start to swollen drastically. Something looks like edema during pregnancy. At day 8 - both of us get our rest day. #PraiseToGod [ hashtag?! arghhh too much time on twitter... haha ]

From Day 9 to Day 11, everything going smoothly... 

....with agony.

Apparently staffs' welfare did not fully kept by the management and to me, it is very important to maintain the relationship.

This is what happen when the owner simply wanted or solely look for profit without maintaining good relationship of their employees. No wonder no one stays long.

These 10 days always refresh my view towards people who work like us -  we smile every time from opening to closing. We laugh at your lame jokes about food or price or portion  or service. We served you at our very best. Within 10 days, luckily only few bad situations occurred and yet, we swallowed your curses and whatever heck you 'throw' to us with open heart and mind.

Please - Never take things for granted.. we also human. We just want to make a living. 

Do not discriminate people. Any job is important, without one surely would feel inadequate.

You never know how their day looks like. 

To employer... looking over your employees is one of your responsibility. Remember that!

I will not forget this 120hours experience ever!

NTGravity | I will update my photo challenge whenever i can... Wish me luck! By the way, i cant wait for later today...! Stay tuned for the update!

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  1. Sis, saya pun pernah juak berdagang di gerai makanan here at my town a couple of years back...very tiring la...dah la I have my own dayjob also, malam tolong parents berdagang agik....perghh lelah oooo kepak nyawa.

    1. Salam +Adi Herman

      Thank you for visiting blog kamek... :) Aok.. nya dahlah tiring - ya sikpaa laa nang dah niat kita nak carik rejeki... olah dak bos yaaa molah nang sikpat diterima...

      pengalaman... terima jaklaa... hahaha


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