One Night and 14 Years Later

Friday, March 07, 2014


Last week NTGravity Zone [ under +Sarawak Bloggers ]was invited to attend the first ever Bloggers' Night hosted by BB Bunkers and jointly hosted by Damai Central, Escobar and Escape Beach Bar.

Personally, i'm so looking forward to this event  after 10 days of painful experience. Read about it HERE

Since last year Rainforest World Music Festival, this is my first time driving back to Damai Central. Ahh.... I miss that moment.

Owned by Sarawak Economic Developement Corporation (SEDC) and managed by Damai Bay Management Sdn Bhd - Damai Central is an innovative multi-purpose public complex built in Sarawak ethnic-concept design it is sited on a coastal land fronting the paranomic South China Sea and the legendary Mount Santubong set in background. Located 40minutes [35 kilometres ] from city center.

I've arrived around 6.30pm - after check in, met with some familiar faces.

Taken from Tia Brangking's Instagram. 
After that - Heading to Escobar for Dinner time....❤!

'Candle' lit dinner...
Linguine Marinara for Vegetarian.
I can't comment much on the menu that night as i didn't have the opportunity to taste them all... (˘_˘٥)

After meal activities.
Here we are..
After that we move to Escape Bar, just to hangout as the other option which is to watch movie is off [ due to the show time has passed ]...

Hangin out while facing the ocean. OMG! 
Its very relaxing place. I love the mural on the wall... Superb! Kudos to whoever did them.

Football night.. anyone?
Love all of this...
You can seat at the bar or you can seat right here - facing the South China Sea ocean.
The surrounding of Escape Bar
Our welcome drink courtesy from Escape Bar.
Extra activity... Lantern.. Thanks to Cyril Ahon - i, too, got the chance for the first time watching as it happen...

Fly away.. send her wishes may it be fulfilled.. soon... Amin! *Pray*

Around midnight, it's time for us to head back to our bunkers.

Anyway, at the same time I want to take advantage of this holiday to spend time with a close friend of mine. We know each other since 14 years ago and we also have not see each other for nearly a year.
Too bad, she can't make it due to time constraints and distance. (´Oƪ)
I've prepared this note below before i came to Damai Central (just in case she couldn't make it...) and put it next to my bunk.

*sigh* Gonna sleep alone tonight... 

That's why i don't want to move to other bunk that night...
Her name is +Yunizar Sabiee . We met back when both of us was working in a hotel in Kuching city. I dont know what 'click' us as she is merely opposite me.. haha

This is us back on our younger years...
Us with a friend (in a middle). 
She is my 'Yang' most of the time as i'm more quiet [usually when meet new people or new crowd] while she is very friendly and quite a chatterbox. While i'm kind of messy, she is very organized. When sometimes my short temper hit me, she will keep calm and move on.

Missing my other pair... *Boohooo....*

Vise versa when she start to feel morale down, i'm always enthusiastic with confident. When she starts to think negative, i'll remind her to keep on being positive. When she feel sad, i'll be the clown.

Although there's a few occasions when we're having bad day but in the end, we will always get back together. Always.

It's been numerous time for both us, trying to go for a holiday but only once back in 2010 - we manage to go for it.

The only vacation together.
Wise man said any relationship that can stand more than 7 years most probably will last forever.. Amin!!

So to my sis cum my close friend... Yunizar.., 

Thank you for our 14 years [and counting, hopefully] of friendship... 

... つづく [Tsuzuku] To Be Continued ....

NTGravity | Sleeping time!

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