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Saturday, March 08, 2014

[ GENTLE REMINDER : Massive Photos Ahead. Please allowed this page to finish loading before start reading. Thank you and enjoy! ]


Recap | last week [ 28th February 2014 - 01st March 2014] NTGravity Zone [ under +Sarawak Bloggers  ] was invited to attend the first ever Bloggers' Night hosted by BB Bunkers and jointly hosted by Damai Central, Escobar and Escape Beach Bar.

Continue from my last entry | One Night and 14 Years Later | This entry is the Day Two [ of our 2D1N BB Bunkers and Damai Central experience ]

I woke up next morning around 8am after a nice and peaceful sleep.


Some bloggers are waiting for their orders.
Unfortunately, most of the stalls in Medan Niaga Food Court are still close so not much choice of food.

Our denominations for this morning.
After breakfast [which is already over-run with the next agenda...], we all heading to Damai Central Recreation and Tours counter which is right before to Escobar.

As you can see from the far end is the Barok Amphitheatre down to BB Bunkers and 7-Eleven right next to it.
From left is the Damai Central Souvenir Shop and Pharmacy, Courtyard Cafe, Beach Arcade and Medan Niaga Foodcourt.
While waiting for our tour guide to brief us more about Damai Central, i took the chance to snap a shot.

Woww.. what a nice place to hang out while facing the wide ocean!
The rain start to shower more heavily soon after that but it [for sure] won't stop this life-changing event.
About to get married! *Congrats!*
 Finally... A briefing about Damai Central and it's surrounding by Mr Adrian.

There are lots of thing you can do. Such as :

After a short bicycle ride with minimum 2 person [ max. up to 8 person ] to a secret garden of Damai, enjoy lunch which is sandwiches, fruits and choice of soda water or plain water while your breath is taken away by the white sandy beach surrounded by lazy Casuarina trees. Just RM30 per pax!

At RM200* | RM220** per pax [min. 2 pax], enjoy a brilliant sunset out on the water as our local boatman ferries you across the river mouth over to the Kuching Wetlands National Park for the start of your evening dolphins and fireflies spotting cruise.
If you want to try to get a glimpse of Irrawaddy Dolphins, Proboscis, Silver Leaf & Macaque Monkeys in their natural habitat - that's morning cruise for you. Your morning cruise will also take you past Kampung Salak.

☀ Kite Making Workshop [RM10 per person ]
☀ Kayak Course [ RM25 per hours ]
☀ Morning | Evening Santubong Bicycle Tour [ RM30 per person ]
☀ Pansuh Cooking Class [ RM25 per person ]
☀ Jungle Trekking at Santubong National Park [RM45 per person ]
☀ Blow pipe Games [ RM5 per person ]

☾ Every 1st and 3rd Saturdays
☾ 7.30pm onwards | Two randoms movies
☾ For affordable price.

THAT IS.. just to name a few!

Need to wash your clothes?

At affordable price, you can go to the LAUNDRY BAR to WASH or/and DRY. Detergent and Softener is available too. No worries!

Price list of Laundry Bar | No more worry if you need a fresh clothes!
Want to know more? Visit them at their Facebook DAMAI CENTRAL 

Monthly events
Oh wow... ours also included!
Bloggers from Sarawak Bloggers, listening to the briefing.
Start our tour.
Signage right before you go swimming.
In front of Bayridge Fine Seafood Restaurant
The landmark.. Hornbill 
Just behind this giant hornbill is the BBQ Zone for public at only RM50 per pit.

Dont worry if you want to bbq at night - there's light for you.

Rest N Go station available in front of Courtyard Cafe.
What you wanna?
After a round of tour, we took a break for 15minutes before the next activities.

We all [the Bloggers ] are given 3 choices of activities [ few days before ] for us to try it. Those activities are Pansoh Cooking Class, Bicycle Tour and Jungle Trekking. 
I [and my 'no-show' close friend] choose Bicycle Tour.

Taken from Tia Brangking's Instagram. Thank you! Click to her blog HERE
Let me tell you a little story. Back in 90s when i was in Primary School - i am an avid fan in cycling! I need at least 2 sessions [ either afternoon | evening | night ] to ride my bike. Every session, i will cycling around my neighbourhood.

My family move to Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan when i'm in primary six and that's the last time i'm cycling ever since.

We [ my close friend and i ] choose Bicycle Tour because she never ride a bike before, while i'm trying to bring back my childhood memories.

Well... long story short, i didn't made it! *Ha..Ha..Ha..* I forgot to bring an appropriate clothing as i'm wearing tshirt, jeans and slippers.

Takes my breath away.. i meant feels like almost fainting!

This tour will take you to the beautiful Kampung Santubong where you can enjoy the colourful traditional Malay Village in Sarawak. The tour will stops at Tomb of Sultan Tengah, Pantai Puteri and Santubong Waterfront.
Available on every Saturday at 9am and Sunday at 4pm for only RM30 per person at minimum of 2 person [ max. 8 person ]


Frame by frame of me - trying to fulfilled my wish to go for a ride before make an u-turn.
After safely return the bike back to the recreation counter, i change my activities to Pansoh Cooking Class instead.

Back to BBQ Area with now Chef Adrian, who will teach us how to cook one of the popular delicacies of Dayak People, Manok Pansoh - which means Bamboo Chicken in local dialect.
Using its original recipes and how it is cooked authentically using bamboo as the utensil.

at only RM25 per person [ at minimum 2 person ] - you can experience it too!

Oh so yummy!!!
Due to the bad weather, the cooking class end a bit later than other activities and i'm the last one to check out from BB Bunkers. Before i make my way back to the city.. i took some time to snipes some photos..

Here goes a lil' bit of something about BB Bunkers.

From on top | The entrance which also reception counter and pantry area.
The look of what they called it the pods!
Very straight-forward layout.
Pantry area.
Some books in case you needed.
BB Bunkers Pod types:

Family Pod | 1 double bed & 1 sofa bed
Double Pod |1 double bed
Single Pod | 1 single bed
Twin Pod | 2 single bed
Triple Pod | 3 single bed
Dorm Pod | 5 single bed

Single bed [ in any pod ] |  RM50 | RM60
Double Pod | RM80 | RM100
Family Pod | RM120 | RM150
Entire Venue | RM1200 | RM1500

[ Per Night ]
Single bed [ in any pod] | RM110
Double Pod | RM180

Family Pod
Double Pod
Twin Pod Japanese Style [ Bedless ]
Twin Pod [ Upper ] | Dorm Pod [ Below]
A small stairs for every two Double Pod.
Military style perhaps? I don't know...
Your 'room' number, more likely is your bunk number.
Triple Pod
Single Pod
Sight from my bunk in the morning right after waking up! *My reserved note has been kept away before i fall to sleep*
Curtain for every pod.
As the upper pods [ the Double Pods ], they have their own curtains at the side and front. My suggestion is maybe in the future there's a curtain to divide each bed in a pod [including the 'Japanese Style Pod' ] and also to give more privacy to the guest. I see this as myself [ forever alone that night ] feel awkward - mind you, i never sleep with strangers before.... in a dorm style. *Ok.. that sound a little bit misleading! LOL*

What i meant here - with extra curtain | One can have their own privacy or own space whenever needed.

☑ 24-hour reception
☑ Secure cabinets and Entrance door (with waterproof RFID bracelets for easy access)
☑ Shared toilets and showers 
☑ AC and fans
☑ Free Wi-Fi
☑ TV room 
☑ Pantry

My 'locker'. Looks can be deceiving, this locker can fit in [more or less] 3 1100D Canon DSLR Camera with standard kit len.
Waterproof RFID bracelets for easy access.
Sharing common area
Power shower [ with hot and cold water ] 
Need to go?
TV Area
Once checking out, [which supposed to be at 12noon!] I've take short tour again to have at least another shot of photo. Finally its a goodbye!

Thank you to the management of BB Bunkers as the main host for inviting us | and For our breakfast coupon. Thank you to Escobar | For our food, Escape Bar | For our welcome drink, DC Recreations and Tours | For our activities. 
Not forgetting Sarawak Bloggers | For the opportunity.

NTGravity | Love being near to the beach.. hopefully my close friend can make it next time!

[ Disclaimer | This information on all price list are valid and correct when this entry was written, NTGravity Zone is not responsible for any price changes. Please contact the respective outlet for more info. ]

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