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Friday, February 07, 2014


Friday is here... Whoaa... Cant wait to have a whole lot of Saturday and Sunday for chillaxing... and also Liverpool vs Arsenal match!

Anyway, Photo Challenge for today is "In Your Bag"... but in my case.. BAGS.. Although i'm more like boyish-kind-of girl, i do really love girly stuff too.. Skirts, dress, make ups and etcetera.. etcetera.. etcetera... 

If you wondering what is the last challenge....,

Ceiling? Read about it HERE
My bags collection | Obviously... I'm a huge fan of Liverpool FC.. 
I'm not really an organized person.. I'm very much more love to be a minimalist and i love to sort things before hands. That's why i do love lots of bags.

I usually will bagged Sarawak's flag and Sarawak FA jersey before next match. This is because i hate to dive in my pile of clothes, everytime i want to go watch Sarawak Fa home match. It's very rare for me to wear it on any other time.
I used to have a large container of make ups when i was  working in hotel. Now i'm more comfortable being nude... Hehehe... Face nude.. Make up free.
A bag for prayer time.
Last but not least, my everyday bag - as you can see, these are the MUST BRING when i go outing. Even when i go lepaking, you never know whom you might meet. Right..?
I have more actually.. like an overnight bag that fills with toiletries, towel, socks, just add some clothes accordingly and i'm ready go!! Or... If i'm invited to cover an event - there's another bag that fits my needs to keep the camera properly and other necessity needed.

So you can start buy me a bag as gift.. haha... No.. really... haahaa!

That's it... See you tomorrow with another new challenge...

NTGravity : I'm a lazy person actually... that's why i need lots of bag for everything and occasions.

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