Photo Challenge #9 | Transportation

Sunday, February 09, 2014


Welcome to the 9th day of Photo Challenge in NTGravity Zone. If you wondering what is the challenge for yesterday was...,

If you want to know what is my favourite activity, read it HERE
Today challenge is "Transportation"...

This is my transportation during my teenage years and when i just started with my hotel career. Credit to Derricks Adventure
Whenever i need to rush, i usually use this transport.

Credit to Virtual Tourist
On 2007, i manage to bought this baby! This is my only transportation that has brought me from Kuching to Sematan even as far as to Mukah. It also has turn to be my makeshift 'tent' when I was at the Rainforest World Music Festival.

This is my baby.

We share the same passion.. Football especially Liverpool FC and Sarawak FA. Haahaa!

I have a pair of scorpions to protect my baby [ My zodiac actually.. lalala~ ]
The only thing i put in my car as decoration.
Anyway, i would love to try this life hack i've found in the internet.

So.. let me be your guinea pig.. actually my car...

Dab with normal toothpaste.
Wipe it with wet rag.. and see the result below...

Can you tell the different?
Yay.. That's it. Another one down!

NTGravity : I called it My Anfield. hahaha....


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