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Saturday, January 16, 2016


Ribs lovers will be thrilled to know that Tony Roma's has opened it's 10th outlet in Kuching, Sarawak. Located ground level in Vivacity Megamall, Kuching - Tony Roma's is the first outlet in East Malaysia with 4,200 square feet seats nearly 200 people (includes an outdoor dining area)

Famously known for its succulent barbecue ribs and seafood, Tony Roma’s recommends the familiar favourites which is include the legendary Bountiful Beef Ribs, 10oz New York Strip, Onion Loaf and Shrimp Scampi Pasta.

Dessert lovers can try the irresistible Chocolate Avalanche, Raspberry Brownie Royale and Chocolate Chunk Cookie Sandwich.

For those less enthusuastic about ribs and bbq, diners can opt for other just as delicious options such as seafood, steak, burgers, salad or pasta.

About to try the World Awesome Ribs...
"We are very excited to bring the Tony Roma's dining experience to patrons in East Malaysia, who can now indulge in their love for ribs right at their door-steps." said George Ang, Chief Executive Officer of Revenue Valley Pte Ltd.
“I am also proud to say that with the opening of the 10th outlet, Malaysia is now the biggest franchise partner of Tony Roma’s in Asia,” he said.

After the short briefing, Tony Roma's Business Unit Manager, Muhammad Adam Mah shows us around the latest outlet.

Lucky winner that Tony Roma's cook at their home on Father's Day.
Dining tables.

Coramax Mall's Director Alan Sim and Tony Roma's -  George Ang and Muhammad Adam Mah
Tony Roma's bar area situated across the dining area.
Need a breather..? Head to ground level of Vivacity Megamall. You can spot it from either roadside or in the mall.

For your info, All food items are pork-free, using certified Halal ingredients and do not contain alcohol. Makanlah tanpa was - was.

Four special sauces imported from USA that you can try.
Me wearing a plastic bib getting ready to be fed... 
Tony's Asian Salad | Fresh chopped Asian greens, diced red peppers, sweet Thai chili sauce, cilantro, fried wonton noodles and sesame seeds. Served with our Pan Asian dressing.
It's optional to add grilled or crispy chicken or grilled salmon.
Mr. Mah shows us the Spanish onions for their appetizer | Onion Loaf
You can order either half or full loaf.
From top view.
Tony's World Famous Ribs
Uhh yeah... me like ribs. You can choose your sauce either Roma Rack or Full Slab. *can we have both? just asking..*
My happy face... 
Very juicy and tender.
Sides that you can match with whatever you are ordering...
Loves everything on this plate - mashed potato, corn on cobs and coleslaw.
Wefie with my companion that day | Photo Credit to Vey at ]
Thank you for the goodies!! Especially for the red packet.
Looking forward for March... burgers!! If you want this calendar - spent RM100 and above.. each month have different cool coupon.
This month promo... Buy 2 free 1 on main entree... bring your better half or family or friends and share the goodness...

Congratulations Tony Roma's for the opening of the 10th outlets and 10th anniversary!!  

Thank you for having us that day!

NTGravity : Will be back with my fader [read: My dad] - he is the meat lover, he go the distant to try it. We both! Hahaha... Like father like daughter.

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