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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Batik Boutique Hotel in night time 

Couple of weeks ago NTGravity Zone was invited to stay at Batik Boutique Hotel in Kuching. A five years young hotel situated in the heart of Kuching’s tourist, dining, entertainment and business sites. Strategically placed along the historic Jalan Padungan, The Batik is most ideal for those seeking access, fun and privacy.

As a getaway holiday near the beach, consider to opt for BB Bunkers located at Damai Central, Santubong.

[ If interested read my stories at BB Bunkers : One Night and 14 Years LaterA Night And Rainy Day ]

10th February 2016

I've reached the hotel around 4.30pm after finish my shift. Greeted by Nor right at the bar where i can do check-in there while having my welcome drink and slices of Batik cake - one of famous Sarawak cake.

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A blackcurrant cordial drink and slices of Batik cake.
Once my check - in is done, Nor ushered me to my room - for this trip i've choose Courtyard Suites.

My key card holder cum pocket guide - really cool for a new comer in Kuching
Info you might needed - not only about hotel but also about Kuching.
They care for us but as an eccentric writer i dont mind the noise.
From the entrance of my room.
My bed for a night.
Wow look a that.. another bunk that can be either your seating area, extra bed or other thing you prefer.
If you have extra person to sleep in this room - the hotel will turn it into bed [complete with bed sheet and pillows]
My view... it's not much to brag but i still feel relaxed - love the wind.
After a short chat with Nor about hotel and then she leave so i can refreshed myself for dinner later at Nagoya 名古屋. Oh yeah, i'm heading to shower first!

A special made robe for Batik Boutique hotel.
Bathroom - towels and your personal spa treatment - body wash and moisturiser, hair cleanser and conditioner
Tanahmera product range is created based on Asian tropical spa treatments and is conveniently packaged to be used at home, while travelling, or for use in professional spas.
Honestly, the smell and the feeling of the body was or hair cleanser are way different than what you normally found in a hotel room. Only you know the feeling, so you need to try it yourself. By the way, this is me after shower.

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Drinking facilities [with spoons, mugs,sugar and creamer] in room with electric kettle.
It's almost 7pm so i'm heading down to the courtyard to meet my fellow bloggers before our dinner commenced.

A cute small seating place outside rooms. Very casual hang out place.
Another hang out place at lobby area - look at the batik design on the wall.
Lighting design.
Way to my room.
Lobby area - Elevator is easy to located.

Lobby area - to the bar at courtyard.
Dinner time | read about my experience dining in at Nagoya 名古屋 [HERE]
We learned about Batik Boutique hotel from the owner, Jackie - they applied the batik motif as the central design because of her love of batik fabric! They spend lots of time and money to look for a beautiful batik and that's how the building manifested by batik printed too.

In the same time, the Batik has adopted school called SK Semban at Kampung Rejoi in the Bengoh area. It's best if you read the compilation scrapbook about it yourself. Anyways kudos BB team!

SK Semban is a boarding school that catered to primary school of two remote villages
After the delicious dinner, we were invited by Jackie for a coffee at the courtyard.
The courtyard after dark | seriously looks nicer in real life - it's open space with few seating.
Roofed area seating.
Caffe latte goes well with Chocolate Muffin from Marvin for his Rice Packs Project
|NTGravity side note : Do support Rice Packs Project as their main objective is to help to raise rice packs for charitable organisations in Kuching.|

After finish my latte, i'm heading back to my room. My team need me... [Read : Liverpool FC vs Manchester United]

11th February 2016

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Love the wind i sleep with window open. Feels so much at home.

After another good shower i went down to Nagoya 名古屋 for breakfast. All rooms rates are inclusive breakfast. Just a light one so you still have some more space to go out for another breakfast.


You can choose one out of seven item in the breakfast menu plus mini buffet. 

Always start with coffee!
Simple but filling breakfast buffet while waiting for my order ready.
Simple but again, just nice.
Today's Specials at Nagoya 名古屋
Batik stamping as part of lightning deco. Love it! Made by copper i guess.
Here's more.
Contact Batik Boutique hotel

Address : 38 Jalan Padungan, 93100 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia
Telephone :  +6082 422845
Fax : +6082 242845
Email : talk2us@batikboutiquehotel.com
Facebook fan page :www.facebook.com/thebatik
Twitter : The Batik

To read about Batik Boutique hotel in different perspective - 

NTGravity : Thank you Batik Boutique and Sarawak Bloggers for having us!


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