Sushi Night Out at Nagoya 名古屋

Sunday, January 24, 2016

NTGravity Zone was at Batik Boutique Hotel last week with 3 other bloggers. Thank you to the management of Batik Boutique Hotel for inviting us and thank you +Sarawak Bloggers Society for the opportunity.

We also get to dine in at Nagoya Restaurant serving what we love... Japanese food!

The front look of Batik Boutique Hotel and the entrance to Nagoya Restaurant.
Reach them at Facebook [HERE]
Location : Batik boutique hotel,38,Jalan Padungan, 93600 Kuching, Malaysia
Opening hours : 12pm - 3pm / 6pm - 11pm
For more info or reservation : +6082 – 4 B A T I K [+6082 – 422845]

Getting ready to rumble...

Menu... look that muscular body...
For green lover here's a nice salad for you... salmon roe and dried fish sheet with dressing.

Crispy Fried Salmon Skin - usually i will skip this but this time, it's really tasteful..
Appetizer -
1. Pickled Garlic - taste like steamed peanut!
2. Pickled Cucumber
3. Chuka Kurage - seasoned jellyfish
4. Shibazuke is a mix of chopped cucumbers and eggplant
5. Dried pufferfish
Ahh... my most favourite... Teriyaki Chicken - i could have the whole plate to myself... hahaha

Hotate Mentai - scallop baked with fish roe in chessy mayonnaise. I love the extra dressing with it! 
Sushi platter
Mango sushi, salmon sushi and California roll
Unagi Fried Rice
Mix fruits
Last but not least, handmade ice cream by Gelato Italiano. I know about Gelato Italiano by Facebook and when passing by ST3 building. This is my first time tasting it!

My favourite - Teh Peng | Local name for iced tea with milk
Group photo with Chef Max and Jackie [Batik Boutique's owner]
Read about Nagoya 名古屋 by my fellow bloggers :

NTGravity : stay tuned for my next entry about the hotel.

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