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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hello all...

Tony Fernandes invites the public to be part of AirAsia’s #GREEN24 climate awareness movement as AirAsia continues its climate change awareness intiative, themed #GREEN24 which was first launched last November with a 24-hour climate awareness movement to educate and promote climate action, as part of the airline’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives throughout the Asean region.

“On our side of the world, not many people know about the issues that climate change poses, and we feel that the best thing for us to do is to inform people. Many of us don’t really see the problems coming, but at AirAsia we have seen the effects of climate change such as Typhoon Haiyan that struck Tacloban in the Philippines, the floods that happened around the region and massive climatic changes over the past two to three years.”
“We always look after our own mothers, and we always put our mothers first in many things. But now, it’s time we put Mother Earth first as well. It’s time we let the world know that we need to take better care of the planet we live in,”
-Tony Fernandes.

The main activities of #GREEN24 will be carried out from 29th to 30th January 2016 throughout all the countries which the AirAsia Group serves, inviting the communities across the region to participate in promoting climate action at their respective home, workplaces, cities and countries.

The public can find out more information about this #GREEN24 climate awareness movement and how to participate by visiting

Join the AirAsia #GREEN24 Challenge and stand a chance to win 24 AirAsia return flights to any destination of your choice! Terms & Conditions apply.

Step 1: 
(╭☞´ิ∀´ิ)╭☞ Download the Registration Form here.

Step 2: 
(╭☞´ิ∀´ิ)╭☞ Put on your green thinking cap and plan your activity for 29th or 30th January 2016.

Step 3: 
(╭☞´ิ∀´ิ)╭☞ Complete the details in the Registration Form & email it to between 14th – 27th January 2016.

Step 4: 
(╭☞´ิ∀´ิ)╭☞ Roll-up your sleeves and carry out your plan on 29th or 30th January. Don’t forget to share it on social media and use the official hashtag #GREEN24Challenge! 

Step 5: 
(╭☞´ิ∀´ิ)╭☞ Submit a report (they will send you a simple template you can follow!) by 5th February 2016. 

NTGravity : Thinking about my Earth Hour moment 6 years ago, read my entry Switching Off For The World 

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