Give Everything?

Monday, October 04, 2004

I always wondering... like... Really? 
Friend should share everything?
Some people dont have problem with that...
Some people says, "Only among close friend..."
The other says, "Only with best friends, boyfriend, girlfriend... [whichever apply]"
Now, should friend share everything? Below is one case happen to my friend, few years ago..,

*Do take note... I've changed the name due to nature...urm.. respect!*

'Jessica', met a cool guy, 'Jason' and fall in love. She told all about him to her best friend, 'Julia'- friends of 10years. The three of them always went out together, do lunch or go out for movies.

One day, Jessica has to go travelling for an emergency meeting and has no choice but to cancel her dinner date with Jason. She has tried to call Jason's cell but no answer, she even text him but no reply as well.
 She knows that Jason is busy at site but opt out to go to there as she's rushing to the airport.

As a good friend, Julia insists that she will handle the news to Jason after office hour. Jessica is convinced and went on the trip as schedule. 

A week later when she came back, she bought a special gift for her boyfriend and secretly went to his apartment... Knowing that she have an extra key to access his door, she planned for a surprise visit! Jessica really excited!! Well the excitement doesn’t last long when she discovers that she have to share Jason with her best friend too!! Angry, irritated, furious about all this she just stormed out from his apartment. Go home and sulking about what happen... 

Few days later, she went to meet Julia and ask her why... This is what Julia have said;

'You told me, best friend share everything... We've shared shoes, make up and other stuff. Why can't this be any different....?’ 

Now, rumours said that Jessica have found a new man and kept it to herself... They both get married and live somewhere in Queensland.. If i'm not mistaken.. Jason and Julia? They never seen together again..

For me, sharing things mean authority to publicity. I like to share things to with my friends or family - like food, music, couch, t.v., bench etcetra etcetra....  

' I certainly won't shared how to anti gravity.... ' HHaaaHHHAAAAhahah

Ntgravity : Sharing is Caring.. but what if Sincerity turns Greedy?


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