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Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I missed some of my friends but i couldnt get to see them yet due to time and work. Not to forget old school and childhood friends... i lost my handphone in 2007 and lost most of my important informations... so if u think u know me, just give me a buzz ok... Send me a text or something... i'm sure will reply back.

I would love to share a story about a new friend of mine, Vilan Theo, who was born in Kuching and raised in LA, America. We met  at the Kuching Airport end of May when i'm sending my parents for their flight and Vilan just arrived from Kuala Lumpur. Its kind of funny actually how we met..

I was a little sad, to be apart with my mum, also, in huge crisis with my beloved boyfriend. I met Vilan for first time when i bumped into him... i mean a real bumped to his trolley and drop one of his huge baggage. I was so veRY VERY embarrased and quickly pick up his massive heavy bag - apologies and walk away.

Cursing myself for 'goofy-ing' in public place like that, i stop awhile at cookies shop. 
(Side note: Those cookies are yummy 'giler', although i dont really like sweet thingee... I know myself is sweet enough already... huah huah huah!!)

Never met him again since that...

If i'm not mistaken, 2 weeks later we met again at KFC.. he accidentally sit right next to my table... so we introduce ourselves and have a pleasant chat..

Since that day we often meet somewhere just to hangout...

*truly lost*

I've asked him why come back to Malaysia instead of staying in USA, he told me - he'd stayed in USA for the last 30years and enjoy there very much but he have lost one thing in family - communication *phew*. 

When he is 12 years old he left home for boarding school and by age 18 years old for college.. he didnt have much time spending at home except for Christmas but that time he's cool with it - no curfew, no grounded, no sharing things with siblings, more independent and whole lots more! 
When he grew up as adult - he earn a good job but end up being jerk - no manners, lost of culture and not even nice to his own family so the tied is finally broken... 

One day, Vilan's father passed away... he is devastated as his old man was Vilan's best friend when he is still kid and lately he has been forgetting about him....


Then he resign from his work and move back to Malaysia with one mission - ... meeting he's late father's families that he never met... The good part is Vilan's late father had a twin brother! For Vilan it's like given a second chance...

*lost again...*

Now - after a while i didnt get to see him anymore...After I've changed my works and i lost his number so i just want to wish him the very best of lucks!! Where ever you are, bro!

NTGravity : it's a circle of life that we will meet and depart... so let's cherish this link of friendship while it last...

*so.. do you aware that this entry has no graphic or photo? lol*

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