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Thursday, December 18, 2014


How are you all doing...? 

Anyway.. thank you for visiting NTGravity Zone.. a blog about 'The Rant Of Chivalrous Kuching Girl' [a.k.a. The ROCK Girl]

Last week [11 December 2014] Five volunteered bloggers from +Sarawak Bloggers Society was invited by Four Points by Sheraton Kuching for a special event to share their love, hope and joy with 30 children [age 6 - 12 years old] from Salvation Army Kuching Children's Home.

This is part of various Care For Community projects since four years ago where its associates volunteered their time and efforts to give something back to the community.

Kudos to all involved!

This is my first time here [dining here]... and I would like to say Thank You very much to Four Points by Sheraton Kuching for having us and to Sarawak Bloggers Society for the opportunity.

I've reached the hotel at about 6.40pm. Met my fellow bloggers +Khairool Adzelan and +Garner Wyne Madcat while Irene will come a bit later... Our fifth gang, Tia Branking can't make it tonight but it's ok, she is always in our thoughts... [and our plates.. hahaha]

We've met Mr Ivan Chai [Online & Field Marketing Manager] for the first time... He invited us to go inside The Eatery, one of the Best 10 Most Chic all-Day Dining Restaurant in Asia.

The event has not started yet but it's ok - we can take pictures of the untouched buffet spread first... This place is huge and next to swimming pool! Love the deco too... feel like in my own kitchen [although my kitchen looks nothing like this.. hahaha]

 He, then ushered us to our designated table.

Carolling session has started in front of the outlet by a choir group from St James Kampung Kuap, Kuching. I heard their are quite high in demand which is not surprising because they sings very harmoniously.

At the same time Four Points by Sheraton Kuching also wanted to introduced their Christmas and New Year buffet menu which combined with the usual spread.

Patrons can just go from station to station or counter to counter to choose a wide range of food that their offered. From western to local dishes to oriental to D.I.Y ABC Station! Love the way those dishes were nicely presented.

I dont know about the other bloggers but i felt like a kid in a candy store! #Weeeeeeeeee

 Western food area...

All time favourite served at the Asian Station. Next to this counter is Christmas Main Course counter and at the far end, Cauvery Station where you can see a whole roasted Turkey!  Yummy!!

Table seating in The Eatery outlet... spacious.. 

 Festive sweet temptation area... oh yeah...

Most wanted dessert.. a rich New York cheese cake!

and various miniature desserts... 

What a Christmas without white snow and gingerbread house, right?

 Gingerbread House...

The event has started... 

Each children has received a Christmas present and goodies from the donation collected for this event. They also very happy to meet and mingle with Santa Claus.. [ well who doesn't, right?]

F.Y.I - 200 associates from different departments has given their personal contribution and voluntary effort which made this event special to everyone. #salute

and makan time for all invited guess...

 Group photo of happy campers that night!

More foodie you say? Here goes nothing....

 At Asian Station : Braised Chicken Meat Ball in Superior Sauce

For this holiday season you can order this roast turkey [weighed above 5kg) at RM300+ at Wrapped Deli. You need to pre-order at least 24hours earlier for all cakes and roast orders. Available from 12 to 25 December 2014. Don't missed it!

At Seafood On Ice counter : 
Various selection of Flower Crabs, Half Shelled Scallop, Poached Prawn, Green Shell Mussels and Oysters

Cured Fish Fillet with fresh Herb Platter... i did my second helping for this.. love the sauce!

 Create Your Own Salad Counter : Enjoy your healthy green!

 Selection of bread rolls, loaf and also herb stick bread to compliments the soup at Soup from Kettle Counter.

On Garner's plate - 
Sushi, Salmon, Tuna, Egg Salad with Beef Bacon, Christmas Venison Pate and Poached Prawns.

This is our star of the night! A smooth, creamy and a little highly seasoned soup of Lobster Bisque with Truffle Oil and Crab Meat soup. 

I think I can eat the whole pot... with some garlic breads... Yeah, THAT good!

See our happy faces!

Told ya! 
:: Sweet Side Order ::

Met some ex colleagues during my hotel years... can't believe it's 15 years ago since I first started and 7 years has gone since the last time punched out... This is my first time meeting them after 7 years!

Jejak kasih kejap.... huhuhu~♥

The four of us are truly enjoyed our spread... I know I do... 

Furthermore with the presence Mr Ivan Chai, Mr Liong Chong Yaw [Executive Chef] and Ms. Myla Avon David [ Sales & Marketing Manager] who were all very friendly willing to accompanied and chat with us throughout the night. #ThankYou

 Ended with few selections of dessert....

Great Food. Great Rates! That's their huzzah!

[Click photo to enlarge]

Need to slow down you hectic life and enjoy some simple pleasures or just a getaway with your loved ones? These are awesome package for you to choose... Don't forget to invite me...! #LOL

[Click photo to enlarge]

As we all walking out with heavy stomach to leave the premises [as it's about to close] - saw this hall of fame on our way out...! Woww... Belated congratulations from us at NTGravity Zone and keep it up!

Just some of it... there are more - go and take a look yourself!

Group photo... 

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Want to know more? 
Four Points By Sheraton Kuching 
Facebook [Link]
Website [Link]
Call [+6082 280 888]

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