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Thursday, July 13, 2017


NTGravity Zone got the chance to go Penang for the first time in our adult life, though it was just a short trip [2D1N] but it has given us a sweet memories.

My travelling companion - Believe seems more excited than me!
In our flight from Kuching to Penang.
We both listen to the security briefing.
Seems its still morning and i'm not a morning person so it's a nap time in the plane and woke up just nicely for landing.

Some part of Penang.
First sighting of the famous Nasi Kandar in the airport
Seems that we cant check in before 3pm so it's lunch time!!
Thanks to friend of friend, she brought us to enjoy lunch at Restoran Kapitan, Queensbay, Penang. It's a 24-hour nasi kandar restaurant and serve wide range or Indian - Muslim food. The one that catch my eyes is their promo menu Kapitan Briyani Bucket - a bucket of nasi briyani and large portion of meat [chicken / beef / lamb].

Chicken Briyani Claypot and Naan Cheese with Tandoori Chicken.
Oh my! All food is so yummy, and the chicken is soft. Love it! Thumbs up! but you gotta have patient to wait to be served or your food arrival as their always busy.

Finally, it's check in time.

I'm not involved in the booking / check in process so i will skip it for now and straight to room... yayy~❤️

Arrival at the main entrance.
Great house with awesome view! 
It's a brand new duplex suite located at Karpal Singh Drive / Maritime Suites with seaview. 

About this apartment :
⟿ Non smoking area
⟿ two queen size beds - for 4 people [upper room with attached bathroom with water heater]
⟿ two single beds  - [twinshare room] 
⟿ two sofa bed - [living room]
⟿ Flat screen TV [with Android TV Box]
⟿ Refrigerator
⟿ Electric Kettle
⟿ Microwave
⟿ Body shampoo
⟿ Shampoo
⟿ Towels
⟿ High Speed WiFi
⟿ Access to swimming pool and gym
⟿ One parking slot
⟿ One common Bathroom with water heater.
⟿ All rooms with air-condition
Believe also love the view... well who doesn't right?
Loving the view!
Aerial view of the apartment.
In the evening we have attended an annual dinner at Royal Chulan hotel. 10 minutes drive from the apartment.

Yours truly..
Once the party is over, we all head back to our apartment and we all decided to take a look around the area.

So near to the waterfront and easy access to restaurant, fast food joint, cafè and convenience store
Wonderful sights of Georgetown, Penang.
The looks of the building...
After 11pm there are still lots of people at the waterfront but we all are way too tired for night walking so we just walked around the building but mostly outlets already closing only left clubs for party-goers and 24 hours mamak restaurant.

After tapau [read:take-away] some food - we went back to our apartment.

Morning view.
Our short journey began with breakfast at Subway nearby the apartment. In Kuching we still dont have Subway outlet so it's a rare food for us. Hahahaha...

Please open one in Kuching soon.🙏🏽
Look at that yummilicious subs...!
After that, it's time for us to check out from this awesome apartment.

One for the road...

Lunch at Restoran Deen - Nasi Kandar at Jelutong.
The queue quite long but fast moving and the food just nice for hungry people like us and the price seems ok. [Mind you, it's depend with what you choose.]

Wefie while having lunch.
After our lunch it's time to head back to airport. It's time to catch our flight back to Kuching.
Our ride back to Kuching.

We coming home, Kuching~❤️
Want to stay there? Here the link.. Have fun there!

NTGravity : Will surely come back for Pasembor and more!

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26 Rants Found

  1. What i loved about Penang is the food heaven, i hope my trip to Penang with my lovely daughter will be success. First time mother daughter bonding together..love your blog...i followwww....

    1. Hi Amanda Suria...
      Wish you two will have a blast together... Ganbatte!!
      Thank you... 😍

  2. Ada satu kedai laksa terbaik kat Penang kena pergi cuba memang best nama Laksalicious..

    1. Hi Maha Mahu,

      Yekerr...? alaaa... tu yang buat nak dtg lagi ke penang nie... hahahaha... ada lagi tak try...

  3. next time should try Mee Udang Sg Dua, yummy!!


    1. Hi Yanmie...
      Walaupun ai elergik udang but yup nak gak try... #melelehairliurnie hahahaha

  4. Pernah lepak dekat Nasi Kandar dekat Airport Penang sambil tunggu nak terbang balik KL.

    Perghhhhh....!!! nikmatnya.....

    Susah nak cari nasi kandar dekat Penang jika turun sana atas sebab kerja. 3x kot turun sana tahun lepas. Last2 mai airport awal, tibai nasi kandar dorang..

    urkkkk alahmdulillah

    1. hi Bro Framstone,

      Haah tulaa ada tengok tapi member ajak makan kat luar airport... ikut jelaa.. hahaha

      itupun keesokkan harinya baru dapat pekena nasi kandar.. huhu....

  5. Banyak tempat makan menarik dekat penang.

    1. Hi Fiza Rahman,

      Haah tau... memang ramai yang bagi nama tempat and tpt makan tapi masa jer sgt terhad... huhu....

  6. I've been to Penang but it was soooo long ago. But I wish I can visit Kuching soon - Bako National Park is on my bucket list!

    1. Hi Hasif Hamsyari,
      I'm no better about Penang... hahahah... next to go again.. hahaha..

      Oh yeah... Bako National Park is surely a place to go... food? dont forget to try Laksa Sarawak, Mee Kolok, Teh Peng 3 Layer <-- manis nie yerr... hahaha and more...

  7. Cantik duplex suite tu! dah lama tak pergi penang

    1. Hi Iman Abdul Rahim,
      Haah kan... Memang cantek pastu facing seriously a gorgeous view...

      Memang rasa nak balik sana lagi.. hahahaa

  8. I love the suite that you stayed in - very beautiful view and beautiful suite too.

  9. Penang also one of the destination i would love to go. Beside some of their food heaven place. I love their art and architecture. Some of the building lah. They have many unique and pretty area. Aieh. Envy abis dgn org yg slalu travel tok. Haha but thanks to blogpost u guys always made my dream come true (by imagining) bhahaha ok. Kesian da bunyi.

    1. Yeh.. tok nang very short trip laa nang sikpat ke mana2 pun... okaylaa make me memang mok balit gik ke penang... Thanks for supporting... semangat aihhh...

  10. Did you try aek Hambra? hehehe... It's my highlight of my Penang trip. Minum sampe mabuk.. hahahha

    p/s untung dapat g penang eyh.. miss the place

    1. aik Hambra? xpernah dgr... hahaha... i'm just into food and maybe the mural hohohoho...

      untung juak laa.. as my first exposure... mok gik tok... tgh nunggu tiket murah..

  11. How could you skip the kueh tiaw?! I came for a Kuchingite's view on it to see if it really is worth the trip. I guess I have to go there myself :P

    1. i didnt skip.. i just dont have enuf time.. i still pending - for char kueh tiaw and pasembor and cendol....

      Please milady, take a look and go crazy in Penang... hahahaha...

  12. The one thing that convinced me to try it out on my next trip to Penang is the lovely view from the apartment.
    Love it! I can see myself staring endlessly into the horizon and in my own world

    1. Hoyeah... you and me both..! i could just spend my time in penang just by sitting by the window and have a nice conversation with my best friend... of course with foods on the side.. LOL...

      or just me and my 'digital typewriter' for me to finish my pending malay novel...

  13. Penang food is the bombbbbb!! Missing Penang so much right now, could have easily spend the whole day food hunting. Also, that view is just gorgeous!! Seems like Airbnb is faring well in malaysia eh? So many good listings popping out!

    1. Oh my... i feel so bad for not tasting all that Penang famous food... but 'fred not, i'll back! In Shaa Allah...

      Yes, i'm still admiring the view every now and then...

      And that's good now with Airbnb - we have more option for our accomodation...


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