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Friday, November 10, 2017

May Peace Be Upon You...,

Last Tuesday [07 November 2017] NTGravity Zone was invited to attend press conference in conjunction of upcoming The Best Of You Exhibition 2017 that will be held at Vivacity Megamall, Kuching on 16 to 19 November 2017.

The exhibition marks the fourth consecutive year for The Best Of You movement as it extends its reach in both Malaysia and Singapore. This would also be the first exhibition ever to be held in East Malaysia.

Initiated by Malaysian biscuit and snack manufacturer Julie's Biscuit, The Best of You is a social movement about appreciation that celebrates the lives and stories of everyday heroes. The heroic stories received by The Best of You certainly changed perspective, challenged assumptions and even galvanised many of our readers into action to help others.

The Best of You 2017 continues in the footstep of the People First motive that was adopted as a key theme in 2016. This year, the movement aims to highlight the diversity of experiences in our midst, especially the stories of individuals on the margins of our society.

"I had to amputate my leg to be free." said Wan.
Wan is the definition of hope and inspiration. Troubled by a constant and major swelling in his right leg since young, Wan could not live like all the other teenagers his age. As his dreams drifted further and further away, he made a decision to amputate his right leg, and this was the turning point of his life. With a prosthetic leg, Wan finally found freedom that was lost.

Today, Wan is no longer bounded by his disability, but is instead empowered by it and he hope to empower others through The Best of You.

"I'm Amy and she's Allison. When we hang out, people stare."
That statement is not an exaggeration for Amy and Allison, a pair of friends who have set aside their differences. Even as Malaysia is deemed as a multi-racial country where is should seem friends of the different races come together, Malaysian society has become increasingly fractious where it has become rare to see best friends who have different races, different cultures and beliefs. 

Amy and Allison, however, have managed to break this situation. They believe that if they can compromise for each other, then surely it is possible for others as well.

NTGravity : To be honest we in East Malaysia, we still doing great... mostly each of people that i know [even myself] have circle of friends are multi-racial and we can sit and hang out - talk about most of everything and still respect each other. #FeelingBlessed

Cool postcard! Very hip...
Having garnered constant support from the public throughout all exhibitions, The Best of You 2017 have touched the hearts of the people at locations like Kuala Lumpur's Berjaya Times Square, Melaka's Aeon Bandaraya as well as Penang's Gurney Plaza. The exhibition features stories and art pieces that act as a source of inspiration and asking for visitors to write down a story of their own on postcards.

The final exhibitionss of The Best of You 2017 will be held at Vivacity Megamall, Kuching from 16 to 19 November 2017. The exhibition will feature interactive workshops and activities, including a sharing session with MY FM Radio Dj Winson, David Chew and his special Art Jamming Workshop about appreciationas well as a Paper Quilling Workshop with Yvonne Yeo. With ore that 100 stories and artworks to be featured, The Best of You hopes to touch hearts of East Malaysians.

Allison, Amy, Wan and Sai Tzy Horng [founder of The Best of You movement]
one more for the road with Sarawak Bloggers

How to join The Best of You 2017

If you intend to participate in the spirit of The Best of You movement. All you have to do is to choose a medium of your choice - words, pictures, vids, music or art. Upload it to

So save the date from 16 to 19 November 2017 at Vivacity Megamall, Kuching. Admission is FREE.

NTGravity : Writing my Best Of You dedication now...

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