The MAGIC Words

Monday, November 22, 2004

It's not abra - ca - da - bra... It's not hokus - pokus..

I've been in this situation before.. many, many times... 
For me, it needs real courage and the whole heart that really believe it before we say it. Right time to and to the right person, of course.. Or that Magic word will disappear into thin air unanswered or the Magic word backfired and will give opposite results... heart - broken!

I remember one of my previous failed relationships..

We've been into a good relationship - almost perfect! but if anybody asked me - i don't know what to say - we never declared anything.. it just started and keep on going... healthily. Like friend but closer.

Do we need to declare by the way?

Are we going to be just like that only? 
Shall we get married soon? 
Or shall we get engaged after fifth[y] dates? 
Are we just friend [with benefit]?? 
Or maybe let's go slow step - by - step [ baby steps]?

For me, i need declaration to build a relationship. I need to know where do i stand...

Dont we all? 

I've tried to give both of us a little nudge with  e-cards, sms , mms , while talking and lot more... Thank God - the 'other side' replied is quite promising.

Until one day... 

After we done with our dinner, the other side send me home and before i opened the door, i've say it!! That magic word! Even with sweaty palms, I felt so relieved and happy because i say it with my all heart!

..but what happen to the other side?

---- Line Is Not Connected .. If you get what i mean....---- (>_<!!) facepalm!

I thought that i've tried too hard but actually i've tried my best. For certain period of time still nothing. Even we still go out like we used to but the topic seems to be untouchable.

We did go separate way for awhile due to work but still in touch via text message and yet he didn't even want to reply every time i bring up about us. 

Weeks after that the incoming text seems to slow down.. my side, yea, i step aside and give him THAT space, but that butterflies seems gone too.

Months after that, that person just realised his feeling to me but it's too late.  Being a realistic, i already gave up and move on in my life already...... 

Do not take too long to figured something in your heart or head.. or.... nevermind~!

To all lover who need motivation.. Listen to this song below...

NtGravity : For me to anti gravity need a magic word too...

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