If I Die Tonight - Lyrics Included

Monday, February 07, 2005

Artist : Too Phat
Title : If I Die Tonight
Album : 360° Platinum
(Note.. it's only pitch-black no lyric...)

Verse 1 
If I die tonight 
What would I do 
On my last day 
I know I'd wake early 
In the morn' for crack 
Of dawn's last pray 
Then prolly go for breakfast 
Like I used to do 
Fried kuey teow FAM 
And roti canai at Raju's 
With my boo 
And friends from way back 
Neighborhood homies 
Extended fam 
They only know me 
As that same cat 
With that shaved head 
Rocking Cross Colors 
Sneaks to school 
Writin' rhymes at the back of class 
Playing tricks on fools 
Then I'd come back to the crib 
Tidy up a bit 
Y'all know my room's messy 
Though classy 
Start arrange my ish 
Line up my shoes one by one 
Start with Jordans 
And end with them Air Force Ones 
Put a Post-it on the tongue 
Of each one 
With the name of each dun 
I think I know my homies 
And who would want which one 
Get on the phone 
And holla' at everybody 
It's nearly noon 
Gots to have lunch 
With the family 
Then spend the last day 
I don't know 
Try do a million other things 
Hoping somehow 
Time will slow 
I guess what 
I'm trying to say is 
Take everyday 
Like it was your last 
Work towards your dreams 
Before you pass 
And have a blast 
While you at it 
'Cause we don't know 
When we go go 
So make the best of it 
Just keep it real to yourself 
And to all people 
If y'all lost somebody before 
Remember there'll be a sequel 

Chorus (2x) 
If I die tonight 
You know it'll be alright 
Just smile for me 
Reminisce the fond memories 

Verse 2 
Well if I die tonight 
I wonder 
Where I'll be tomorrow 
Nobody cry please 
Push away the sorrow 
'Cause I ain't been 
The best of men 
The best of friends 
The best of mom 
And daddy's last son 
The best of anything 
Tell Joe here's a last one 
If I die tonight 
Would I be forgiven 
By all the people 
I been slackin' with 
When I was livin'? 
Those who I hurt their hearts 
Took advantage of 
And even lied to 
Hug you one last time 
For forgiveness 
Yeah I would like to 
If I die tonight 
Would you feel the loss? 
Tomorrow would you dial 
My number by accident 
Then suddenly... pause? 
If I die tonight 
I wonder who would get 
To keep my caps and shoes 
Jerseys, even my little 
Stuffed crocodile Coco too 
Get my cell phone 
Message everyone from A to Z 
Tell 'em this ain't Malique 
He passed away last night 
And pray he rest in peace 
If I die tonight 
Would you think of my room 
When you see blue 
Wanted to clean it up this morning 
But then I never knew 
If I die tonight 
What would happen to Tim 
How long would it take 
Before she kissed another man?... 
God damn... 
At fast food joints 
Would she still order 
The same combo meal for two? 
Things I wish I knew... 

Chorus (2X) 
If I die tonight 
You know it'll be alright 
Just smile for me 
Reminisce the fond memories 

Verse 3 
A cute lil' thing 
To many eyes 
To me you were simply 
A beautiful thing 
I tell no lies 
We went from 
Mere invisible friends 
To pals real tight 
Rendezvous up on the net 
To chitty chat all night 
I used to pick you up 
Until you got your own ride 
A slammin' two door whip 
A grey 36-72 
Lookin' all slick 
Remember when I asked why this 
You said because it's real fast 
So you can rush 
To see your boy after class 
The last time 
We met was '01 September 
You left feelin' upset over... something 
I can't remember... 
I never apologized 
Till January 10th 2003 
When I heard you passed away 
When I was deep in my sleep 
Your loss taught me 
Not to take my friends for granted 
Gotta slam it quick 
Death you never plan it 
You're sorely missed down here Wawyn 
Rest in peace 
This too shall pass 
But our true friendship will never cease... 

Chorus (till end) 
If I die tonight 
You know it'll be alright 
Just smile for me 
Reminisce the fond memories 

I want to dedicate this one
To my friend Dean
1979 - 2005 (Kuching - Canada)
You'll always be missed
And also everybody who lost
Family members, friends
We miss you
Y'all will always be remembered

In the loving memory of all heroes....

... to be continued...

NtGravity : It's so sad story....

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