If I Die Tonight - Part 3

Saturday, February 26, 2005

(((This is the part three of this topic...)))

Since we lost Dean.. I've been doing lots of thinking.. These are questions that pop up in my mind..

If i die tonight;

~ How will my people re act? will somebody cried? will somebody feel relieve?
~ What happen to my job? Will somebody dare to take over? Will my vacant job will not replace?
~ What happen to my personal belonging? will their keep it?
~ What happen to my friends? Will they remember me? Will they accidentally drop by to my house, just to say hi?
~ What happen to my love? Will him find someone else? How soon? (If i have one..huhu)
~ What happen to my cute cat - Bobbee? Will he look for me? Will he find new owner? What about Monyeng? Chomel?
~ What happen to my family? Will they keep the peace?

...and lots more... Since we lost Dean, i've change my perception that i must live to the fullest..

I might gone anytime so i know i must start to valued the precious time while i'm alive. I might not be the perfect person to my families, my friends, my boo but i know from now on - i must try to be one..

I want by the time i'm gone, all my people have enough time spent with me before and let me go in peace... no regrets, no faulty only sweet and fond memories left behind..

I'll try to treat everyday like it will be a last day for me... I'll pray everytime i go to sleep and when i woke up the next day - for giving me another chance to live and being around people i loved! I still got into fight with my sister.. or my boo... and regrets... - nobody is perfect...

NtGravity : When i'm anti gravity - i showered the world with love and peace... and hoping everybody will feel it.... when their wakes up...


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