When love and hate collide

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Love is beautiful.. Falling in love is sweet.. Being loved are great..

Hate is ugly.. Hating somebody is bad.. Being hated by somebody is worst..

I met my latest interest somewhere around 2005 without any personal feeling at that moment. This person was, like, all out to get me. Well, his mission accomplished!! I think i'm experiencing love again.. 

For the first 12 months i live in very interesting moment.. We fought, we hugged... The chemistry is there like a perfect couple - matching in any form... like perfect jigsaw puzzle. I felt i've met my soul mate *finally*

For the next 12 months later - i live with horror - it's like living in video with you push the rewind button. I got into the same situation again and again. We fought, we quarrels, no more loves, no more hugged, no more hold hand. The chemistry is totally wrong at all. It's like ph imbalance. I even hope to find new soul mate.. *sigghhh*

There's one fine day, we have another raw. It's really bad that i wished that we never met each other. We stopped talking or doing thing we use to do. I know it's going to ended just like that.

Make up from our last arguement.

To myself, i know i love him and vice versa. We have a good heart-to-heart talk. 

Learned not to take each other for granted. If we couldn't change it remind ourselves that we're not perfect either. The only way to do it, try our very best to be the best. 
It's pretty lame or sound oldies but who cares. What i did know - i try to do what we both usually do during our first six months relationship. 

We usually texting each other in the morning while in the office, call each other at random times, starting to be more sensitive about my sweetheart and he started to spent more time with me! Somehow or rather we do understand each other needs, likes, dislikes and to me it's might be one of process to get along better. 
I mean before - we are one pair of stranger - born and raise differently. SO! Allow yourself to give more time and space to your love ones to accept and learn more about you. I believe if we kisses or hugs our partner at least four times a day - it will make our relationship or our partner better.

:: NOW ::

I'm still in love!!! I'm still have my eyes on him, still set my mind on him, still lurking for him, still missing him if he's not around - (like a psycho but who cares! I have license to do it!)

I wish every couple around the world - take good care of your relationship. Sometimes you might found a new love and sometimes a good love only will come one in a lifetime. Depends on how you put your heart's in it.

~ Happy Valentine's Day, People ~

NtGravity : When love Kills Love....


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