Chasing Butterflies in Your Heart

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Some people found their so called true love at first time… 
Some people thought their found their so called true love at first glimpse… 
Some people didn’t even know that somebody is in love with them… 
Some people didn’t even notice that somebody is waiting for them…

Then again…

Some people get hurt at their so called first true love… 
Some people broke up to find new true love… 
Some people didn’t even know that their hurting somebody else’s feeling… 
Some people didn’t even notice that somebody is hurting… for waited too long…

Okay… Stop all the mushy words. Enough this soap opera already… Like I like it so much!!

..No, it’s a lie. Let's continue…

What do you expecting in relationship?

Lots of good gifts?

Nice flower?

Get alone together vacation?

To be honest, sincere and everything nice?


Good clothes and bling bling?

Whatever it is… everybody have their opinion, yup?

Me? I try not to expect much...

What I mean here – I don’t need to be spoilt with things every time. Yes, I love to be pampered though. To be spoilt like a small girl especially with love and attention. 
It makes me feel special – like having butterflies in your stomach.

Well, its kind of lame does it? Of course when you involved with somebody you’ll sure get that attention…

Wrong there.

People tends to give less attention to their love ones, especially when the relationship going steady, Yes, they do love still but sometimes due to work, everyday activities and ermm, well world crisis maybe, some couples they thought they understand each other better. So it’s like, you know, ‘Oh, don’t worry he/she will understand’. Or ‘I’ll buy you something nice when I get home soon.’

Yet, taking the other half for granted? Please dont do that.

This kind of issue it’s like a generator to break ups and sort. Those things make unhappy couples. Unhappy couples produce lots of bad things like two-timer, unfaithful, dishonest, spreading lies, empty promises and etcetera… 
When bad things happen – suddenly love turns to hate or worst, hatred. Suddenly there’s no perfect couple on earth. Even cupid gave up pairing people!

You ask me?

Been there done that. Get dumped / dumped… Horrible isn’t it?

To me – up to past and present experiences, every couples need to speak up their mind. I mean heart-to-heart or face-to-face or whatever you called it as long as it works well. Yeah, nobody’s perfect… it’s a sacred word.

I believe in honesty. I believe in being honest to one and another will make my relationship strong. No lies or keeping secret it’s a key to success. How can it be done? Well it takes two to tango. Either party has to participate or it won’t work at all. To me, make mistakes is good in developing trust and understanding. Possessive is exceptional but over possessive is a turn off. Trust me, it’s tempted.

How? Don’t ask me… It’s for me to know and for you to find out. Just remember that your partner is a mere stranger when you met them. Their have their own opinion, style, character and all before you came into their life. 
To me, being yourself is not good enough though change yourself to somebody else neither. There’s no perfect answer for that. Unless if you have – do tell.

It should work two ways.


Like normal couple, mine so far so good. Although there are some hiccups in relationship. Happens every time, yes? Hmmm… :)

My friend did ask me… How do I know I’m in love with that particular guy? My answer?

Ask the butterflies…

This how bad i am in drawing...! Hahahaha
NtGravity : Don’t drink too much coffee before near bedtime. It’s a drag… See what happens to me? Hahahaha... 

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