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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mood : Missing him… huhu

Hello again.. I know it’s been awhile after my last post..

Worry no more, yea. Lets talk about table manner. I’ve been to a very nice dining place with my friends recently - we’re having 4-course western food. The place was ve~ry nice, with light music and the ambience was superb! It's nowadays dining cafe style, ermm.. fusion 'kot'? Which wasn’t considered as a fine dining but still, feels like one - only no dress code whatsoever…

It’s so comfortable place to hang out while having fabulous food.. and our food? Love it.. Really enjoy ‘Cappucino Wild Mushroom Soup‘ with ‘Cheezy Garlic Bread‘ and followed by ‘Turkey Potato Salad‘…

Hellooo.. Earth to ME!! (Oh yea.. totally lost it.. haha.. pardon me…)


We're taking our time, having good chat while having good food.. It’s a good combo, which not last too long when a-joint family of 7 come and sit not far from us.. Probably two tables away…

Problem here, they’re wasn’t talking too loud or something but the little rugrats that their bring in… Annoying..!

Dont get me wrong here.. i do LOVE kids, kids are fun but i believe kids sometimes have to know the terms between ‘play time’ and ‘behave time’…

And i also believe that parents do have to know when or where to take control of their children… Yea yea, i know parents nowadays are more open-culture kind ut PLEASEEE for crying out loud!! do that in your home... please!

Some situation :

Exhibit A :

Kids : go to the kitchen area and try to make a conversation like asking ‘what are you doing mister?’ or ‘why are your head don’t have a hair??’ - while ‘the chef’ answer very very nicely to every questions like a tourist guide. Matter of factly, secretly cursing or whatever.. MAYBE!

PARENT will say : "My baby love to learn something new and i will let them interacting with people to built their confident or so and so…."

NotE : Nothing to do with upper picture... :) only me adoring Subs!!... hahaha

Exhibit B :

Kids : Playing or ‘rearranged’ decorations which God knows how much the price of those or how valuable the things are.. Let alone to appreciates time and pain of the people who done it…

Parent will say : My kids got a talent as an interior designer… 

… just to names a few.. not to mention the way they look at us as their stop by at our table... HREEaHH….

DISCLAIMER : I’m not against parenting…

It just that i remember how my parents taught me table manner - chewing with my mouth close, don’t play with the food, wash your hand, behave when dining out… 

Ntgravity : Maybe, looks like a passive development.. i think it's better that way.. There are sure lots of ways to teach our kids.. and yet, it's till long way to go for them... #my2cents


I have a boyfriend who really endure table - manner which i,too, slacking here and there but at least hey. i’m learning here!!! Haha

SO… my point here… ( it’s really long article this time yea??)

My friend and i personally was really uncomfortable - suddenly the kids running around, hitting our chairs, other's handbag, disturbing our dear waiter with endless questions, kicking one of the large vase which i hope it might crack… and yes, father and mother demurely talking while watching and "observing" (daa) not noticing other patrons ‘distressing fever‘ rising…. (which wasn’t only us)

I have no choice but to called the waiter to ask them to stop this kids from running around seems that the parents was doing nothing about it.. It’s not safe,you know with all this knife and fork in the tables. It wasn’t only hazardous to them but also to others… before i finish my words, the owner take control and consulted the parents with a straight face giving choices either look after their young or go dine somewhere! My Goodness! 

.....and its peaceful again… Thank God… Yay!!!!

Nope, the kids started to do ‘High School Musical’ cockeries version.. Banging spoon, plates… [Sighhh.....]

Wise man say; If you can’t beat them, join them..

End of the day, we skip our dessert and go somewhere else..

You might thinking like.., what are we fussing off about kids.., just don’t bother, and blah and blah..

Well, i DO bother - i'm paying too...

parent… please take control of your kids.. teach them manner - at least to respect other people, they're paying too, you know….

And also, please keep you eyes on your kids - don’t let them wandering alone even when you think its ok to let them play around… You never know…

That’s it…. Peace and God Bless!

NtGravity : Respect to earn respect....

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