U think u're beautiful kah?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Think again...

My definition of beautiful? 
Not just about good looks or sexy body etc... but heart and soft spoken.. Courtesy! (budi bahasa).. To me - whatever that kind of person looks doesnt really count to me (jerry yan, anuar zain, van diesel, milan baros and some more are exceptable huhu)


This story goes way back in July 08 when my friend and i having latte at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (large vanila latte is my favourite... yummy!!) There are 3 ladies maybe at my age or so just walk in too... to my views they're nice-looking-model-type which i always wish to have... *haha*

Too bad they are too snooty and loud - Maybe they know their beautiful, people looking at them and their become snobbish.. Slavering the staffs as if they owned the place (maybe they owned the place?).. Making fuss out of petty things like the too simple menu 'la', nothing to order 'la', want to bring in outside food 'la', blended not enough 'la'... or laughing like no tomorrow when seeing a gothic groupies passing by for take aways, everything is not 'ngam' enough.. I wonder why are they stopping by at 1st place...
*I just wish my friend didnt pick that seat!*

And it's just about to start raining outside - heavily soon after, that too been complaining, the act of God...?!

As usual, i dont bloody hell care about them and continue chitchatting with my friend while enjoying my large vanilla latte.. i didnt know how long the time have past until we heard loud screaming outside premise...

Imagine back in 1993, Naomi Campbell tumbles on runaway right in front of hundred pair of eyes... *opocot!*

but this time with mickey mouse underwear showing!!


*hua hua hua*

...some pretty girls la konon.... 'Ahhh..sudahlaaa!'

NTGravity : so dont be a snobbish.. we all are not perfect.. yup!

+ right-to+

P/S: Credit to the owner of this picture... :)

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