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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I admit that I am an urban style person... i live most of my life in the city and so far, love it... i cant really give any reason "why" as in the city i can get whatever thing i wish for but actually because i'm used to it! 

I really missed my childhood memories when my big brother and friends and me playing outdoor activities - camping, get into the mud, into a jungle, climbing here and there and whole lots of childish things... I strongly agree that childhood should be a fun moment, apart of tuitions, tuitions and more tuitions! Kids in this era mostly fear to sun and 'stupid' outdoor games. Nowadays I rarely see that anymore in my area or in the city where I live... they're more IT savvy and English fluent kind of generation now... more educated... which is very good - lesser poverty and illiterate citizens..something to proud of, but i dont really fancy kids too clever... hahaha.. irritating.. *no offence, kiddo!*

Lately, thanks to a friend, I got the chance return to nature after numerous years... Breathing fresh air, be near to the sea and give me guts to search a long lost friend... I personally think we should go more to suburban area or 'resort'... I really found the peace of mind by doing that - less traffic, less both air and noise pollutions get back to nature and old timer civilization... I feel good doing it once awhile. One of good thing live in a village - everybody knows everybody... 

The first time i went back - the first breathe was amazing... almost shed my tears, it's touch my heart so deeply. The scenery were breathtaking... speechless... ((ok that exaggerate..)) Ha-ha... anyways, I’ve met my long lost friend - Ms Jamayah Bujang... i got to know her when the school term almost finish. We exchange address and picture because that's her final year in that school. I’ve tried to sent a letter to her but it's bounce back to me - I thought the postman couldn’t sent it due to the area was consider small province... as time goes by, grow up and start working - I didn’t give much thought about it... until last January 2009, when I told myself - just give it a try. The most she will not remember me or move to somewhere else. With the only photo I have in keep - I start to look for her and it's so easy cuz as i said, everybody know everybody and to my surprise - she still remember me and even know my name!! I love that moment... by that time, I got to know her and her family altogether very nice!

so it's boost my adrenaline to find more of my childhood or old school friends in the future... cuz as far as I know it bring back ol'happy memories.. don’t you think its fun? Give me buzz....

NtGravity : I love meeting people - old friends or new... but i'm poor in keeping the friendship on... in terms of updating, keep talking, connection and all.... Please forgive me... Ok?

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