Goon Too Soon.... Pak Din Beramboi.... (╥_╥)

Friday, April 02, 2010

Maybe Mior Ahmad Fuad Mior Badri doesn't ring any bell but if you hear this name, "Din Beramboi" - you might already laughing... I remember one of my memories listening to Riuh Pagi Di Era (morning segment at local paid radio) - it's something called 'SawanCara' - he become an astrology... it's so funny and 'till then i've switch to this radio every morning... I've already known him since i was still in my teenager - but seldom sees him in movies or dramas (probably didnt realized it's him...) but since the morning radio segment - i've started to be a follower/fan.. I remember how i laugh so hard i almost faint cause from his comedies in 'Spontan'... 

 Even on the first night after he admitted i was watching the rewind 'Spontan' and still laughing so hard 'till i received a message from my close friend that Pak Din Beramboi is in critical stage and been induced to coma... It's broke my heart...

"Dengue Shock Syndrome
It's really dangerous..

Dengue shock syndrome: A syndrome due to the dengue virus that tends to affect children under 10, causing abdominal pain, hemorrhage (bleeding) and circulatory collapse (shock). Known also as dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF), it starts abruptly with high continuous fever and headache plus respiratory and intestinal symptoms with sore throat, cough, nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain. Shock occurs after 2 to 6 days with sudden collapse, cool clammy extremities, weak thready pulse, and blueness around the mouth (circumoral cyanosis). There is bleeding with easy bruising, blood spots in the skin (petechiae), spitting up blood (hematemesis), blood in the stool (melena), bleeding gums and nosebleeds (epistaxis). Pneumonia and heart inflammation (myocarditis) may be present. The mortality is appreciable ranging from 6 to 30%. Most deaths occur in children. Infants under a year of age are especially at risk of death. It is also called Philippine or Southeast Asian hemorrhagic fever."

(╯_╰) Lost a Diamond (╯_╰)

After 3days fighting for his life at 0030 hours of 02nd April 2010 - Pak Din Beramboi has passed away.. leaving wife and 3 kids and also thousand of his fans that loves him.. It's a 'Good Friday' here in Kuching - but it's very not a Good Friday to me... It's all so sudden..


like the death of my childhood idol - Michael Jackson... the lost of Pak Din Beramboi also too soon.. while he is on the top of his career.... but Allah loves him more than we do.... I'm surely will miss him so much as he is my wake up call every morning to work... All his voice and acts will be a fond memories.. His lost is irreplaceable... (╥_╥)

NtGravity : (╥_╥) Salam Takziah kepada seluruh keluarga Allahyarham Pak Din Beramboi & also to ERA...

"Semoga Allah SWT mencucuri rahmat ke atas Rohnya.... Amin"

Al Fatihah~


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