MH : Malaysian Hospitality... Really?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

*Note : This is my personal views...*

Before this, if you ask me which flight i would love to use - i will proudly say MAS (Malaysian Airlines).. Why? Simply because it's classy, served nice food and the departure/arrival bay was closer... (If Air Asia, usually you need to walk far to embark or disembark.)

Now, It has changed my mind a bit... apart of i tried not to cross path with my EX.. i got another reason not to...

Again, this is my personal views...

One fine day - i was instructed by my boss to go down to Mukah due to urgent meeting and i have to replaced him. By hook or by crook, i need to be there before 8am the next day... so trying my best to find a flight.. Tried to surf at the web but seems that i dont have credit card - there's no choice but to go down to the ticketing instead...

When i came to the airport - i was dumbstruck of the location for ticketing office or counter.. (it's been awhile since the last time i use MAS). I was about to going down to the arrival level when i saw two lovely ladies in a very lovely uniform with lovely make up - i knew for instant that's the uniform for MAS crew. So i ask them for the direction, to my surprise their answer me,"Kat ticketing office lah!" (At ticketing office of course!)

yup... this look...~!
 Ok..., so i ask them again where is the ticketing office, their answer,"Atas lah" (Upstairs, of course!) Waisehhhmen... Sombongnyaa... (Snobbish...)

Now what they doing is merely assuming - well, not everybody knows where, right? Especially the foreigner (but i believe they will treat the foreigner better..) I was a bit pissed off but seems that i'm in hurry, i just turn around and look for the ticketing office... but yet, i still say 'thank you' because i've been taught to do that to people who helped me.. yup 'helped' i say... One thing they have forgotten that - i'm a potential buyer too...

The counter was not good either... i've told the staff that i'm urgent and really in need to go but she answer me very simple.... "No more flight"....

With a bit frustration i went back home.. and try to search again at their website - and what do you know.. there's flight to Miri (last flight and the next morning from Miri to Mukah)... For a desperado like me - i'll sure will take it but she didnt even try...

.... so i end up using bus that night.... 

Maybe what i've been experiencing is minor or rarely happen... nobody is perfect.. maybe their having a bad day but Hospitality is part their theme right? I heard lots of complained or disappointment from my friends and fellow bloggers and usually stand the ground... never thought i will happen to me...

Quote to one of blog i've followed..
"Sebelum ini MAS dianugerahkan 'best cabin crew' bukan 'best ground crew'."
(Before this MAS has been awarded for "Best Cabin Crew" not "Best Ground Crew")

so believe it~!

And this on way back...

Yet applause for this new tech... *new to me...*
...due to space...
NtGravity: Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away... yeah righhhht~


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  1. hye..good review..tak pernah rasa naik flight, bila kah agaknya...huhu

  2. @Rashid...
    Insya Allah.. ada rezeki.... :) g kuching yek...

  3. I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

  4. @Anonymous
    it should be no problem after you email me your blog address too.. At least i know where my link goes. .. Thanks~!


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