101 things to do until i die.... Number 101...

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Stumble upon to a site name 43 Things and the sense of dejavu struck me...

....i've done the list before....

 back when i'm really into Fear Street book series (yes, it's a horror!), there's a special activity book and there's an activity that i need to list my wishlist.. i end up listed what i want to do in my life...
(as you all read this entry : i'm still digging my room seeking for that book! Seems so ancient book...)


I think i would love to re-create my 101 list to do before i die... it should be really fun, not necessarily in order - once it done i should just mark done...

Here goes nothing....,

101. Sing A Rap Song

I've had learn Rap or Hip Hop as one of genre in music through 4U2C and KRU (Malaysian Artistes).. there’s numerous songs of them I’ve successfully learn and sing it… especially for 4U2C… but to KRU’s albums, some them are 4stars difficulties… hahahaha such as Get In 2 The Hype, KRU is Wild (Makin’ My Stand), E’nuff Ez E’nuff, Da’ Ghetto and some other more…(especially in the reKRUed album)

I'm longing to sing rap or hip hop songs since Eminem in 'Mockingbird' but after i've heard Beyonce, 'In The Club' - originally by 50cents.. I really wanna do it..!!

What so good about sing in rap? I think it’s so cool and it' shows that how well we say lots of word per minute without twisted my tongue or any... It’s a cool skill!

I believe i gotta do these steps to successfully achieve my target…
  1. Jogging – for breath controlling and stamina..
  2. Learn to pronoun the words and increased the speed
  3. Feel the music / tempo…
  4. Practice
  5. Don’t feel embarrassed – when it out of tune... hahaha
My first try was In The Club cuz the song was so catchy but I failed… followed by lots more after that like Lose Yourself (Eminem), Family Affair (Mary J. Blige – I don’t now if this consider rap or not but cuz I like it…), Ms. Jackson (Outkast) and many more…

Never tried again or even listened to that song again…, until I successfully learn and sing,”Souljas Boys – Crank Dat” song. It’s so fun and cool until I dig back my old ‘In The Club’ and practice again…

…yet, it failed! LOL!! 6stars… too much air needed… long sentence and real fast for amateur like me..

So I really wanna sing a rap song - succesfully! Probably the next time I go karaoke with my friends… 

NTGravity : yo.. yo... still having goosebumps just by thinking about Fear Street... s'up!


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