Hajimemashita... Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu~♥ (part 2)

Thursday, November 04, 2010


Gomennasai... it's 106 days ago i've posted an entry about them... [ Read Back ]

So anybody who are them? Clue : Something to do with Weather...

These handsome fine boys are amongst the popular Japanese idol group name themself ARASHI (嵐) which mean Storm.

My most favourite currently Aiba Masaki (yes... surely figured out already! hahahah)

Why i adored them??
They started in 1999 same year as my first real job and by 2010 they've won 16 awards, 9 Singles, 3 Compilations, dramas and many more... They even succeed individually, let alone as a team... 
The five of them were so different from each other but yet the chemistry seems so great, they even claimed to be very close and never get into a fight to each other... Sugooiii~

I really caught up with one of their series called 'Arashi No Shukudai kun' (mean Arashi's Homework) - it's so funny and and in the same time gave me really great impression on how the Entertainment Industry there in Japan.

... feels myself so small... hahahahaha

While most of my friends are into Korean artistes... i'm really into Japanese since long time ago... I've watch Kelly Osborne Turning Japanese and envy her so much it burst my head fuse~! hahahahha So, it came to my next target... 101 things to do before i die....

101. Sing a Rap song
100. Visit Japan / Disneyland Tokyo 
(more in next entry)


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