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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Everybody sure will experience this. The day you might fall in front of people (maybe really lots of people or in front your crush... ), the day when somebody accidentally spilled they drink on you... or combo of fall from a stairs and landed right on a poop... or even worst super combo when you walking yourself way home, out of sudden it's raining.. heavily... and drenched your thin white tshirt. Soon after that, a car pass by and drenched you with the dirt puddles... Talking about bad luck yea?

Taken from this book ;
"Stupid History : Tales of stupidity, Strangeness, and Mythconception - 
Throughout the Ages. Page 257"

A Voyage of Titanic Proportions

It's either a case of the worst luck in history or maybe the best you ever heard about this....

✿ In 1829 A ship called The Mermaid was four day away from her destination of Sydney, Australia, when a massive storm struck and drove the ship into a reef. All twenty-two people on board survived and were able to swim to safety.

✿ Three days later, the Swiftsure rescued them.

✿ Five days later, the Swiftsure sank.

✿ Victims from both ships were rescued by the schooner Governor Ready

✿ Three hours later, the Governor Ready caught fire

✿ The Comet pulled everyone from the lifeboats and brought them aboard.

✿ Five days later, the Comet sank. (The crew went for help in the longboat, leaving the passengers floating in the water)

✿ Eighten hours later, the mail boat Jupiter pulled everyone out of the ocean.

✿ In under twelve hours, the Jupiter sank.

✿ Everyone was rescued by the passenger vesel The city of Leeds.

✿ Four days later, The City of Leeds docked in Sydney, Australia.

The bad luck was that five ships were lost - the good luck was that not a single person died~!

NtGravity : Never say you're life is bad... there's others even worst!


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