SMS Scam. Please Beware

Friday, June 24, 2011

Last week when i was at work.. Busy and stack under lots of paperwork..
Received this shocking message.

"Ini ayah Tolong bagi topped up 50RM ke nombor baru ayah 0128113586 ayah ada masalah di balai police. ta payah call sekejap ayah call blik. From : +60128115989
[Read : This dad Please help to topped up RM50 to my number 0128113586 i have problem now in police station. Dont call me i will call back later]"

First thought. A bit shocking~!! 

In a splash, i remember a crucial fact about my father... He cant write text or SMSing... [ even reading it will bring a little trouble to him ].. I called him on his number - no answer but i know my old man need to do a ritual before answering his call which is 'Scanning'. LOL
I called home and voila~!! He himself answered. Case closed!
Yet, i still not understand WHY somebody still fall for this scam?
[Read : phone SMS scam ask for top-up credit, two victims loss RM8000]
Let alone RM50.. it's freaking RM8000? Meaning each victim has top-up RM50 for 80 times!! It should stop at least by first RM50... I mean if it's our own family members (this scam sometimes also using sister, brother, uncle etc...) - surely we can always counter-check, right?
There's also a scam that send SMS to the family members or to husband or wife asking for credit card number or ATM password using that person hand phone which been stole earlier. Pathetic yes?


1. Once received any distress message, take a deep breath.

2. Re- read the message. Note the writing style. -
Example : If your sister usually used 'AKU', or your father usually called himself as 'Daddy' surely will bring lots of question marks if the message says, otherwise. Right?

3. Call the person or next-of-kin of the person to make sure the message is valid.

4. Spread the words to friends and families about this scam. Let everyone knows about this scam (or any other scams)

My prayer goes out to all, please be alert and dont just simply trust any message came in. You never know.

NtGravity : Luckily i'm not the girl with that so much money.... LOL~♥


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  1. ya la..sentiasa beringat hooo..kengkdg malang tok x jaik mcm2 topeng muka...ada x perlu makei topeng..makei ilmu pugei org dh ter pukau terus...semoga kita sentiasa dilindungi Allah Taala..amin

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