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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

タダイマァ♪~(゚∀゚)ノシ [ I'm Home!! ]

On January 03, 2009 i've posted an entry under the title 'BuLL's EyEs!!' about my *Most Craziest Happiest Moments* [ Click to read it HERE ]

I've mentioned few names in there... They are bright light in my life that always tickle my funny bones..

You see, in my adult life i met a lots people - professionally or casually... Most of them are just acquaintance that come and go.. Some wanted to get close to me just because their needed something from me so I kept very close circle of friends...

Until i met this bunch of boys (2007) at a small work place and my world seems to spin so cheerfully ever-since. I could say that everyday is laughing-together-day no matter what mood are you in... Although i'm much older than they are but that's not the matter anymore!

In fact, it didnt hurt me a bit when i broke up with my boyfriend. I'm move on so quickly because of them! Their laugh or jokes or humorous motivational pep talk are so contagious!

We love to hang out after work just for a cup (or two) coffee and live English Premier footy. At first it was occasionally every one or two days.. or when we received our tips... then its start to get regularly... and it's start with four people before its spreading like a sweet-virus... You know it's  like i know you, you introduce your girlfriend, girlfriend bring another friends, another friends bring another friends, another another friends bring their boyfriend or girlfriend... never-ending...!
We all believed once a friend to one of us will always be A friend to every each of us. We share interest together and keep it alive !

By December 31, 2009 - we named our group as Wonderful Souljas Secret Society.

What is Wonderful Souljas Secret Society?

- taken from our usual place to hang out

- taken from word Soulja ( Urban Word : A Soulja is never afraid to stand up for what they believe in. Someone who is willing to fight for their home, family, property, etc. A Soulja cannot be defined by race, age, background, location, or economic status.)

Honestly  i cant remember who or when the word 'souljas' started to be used as a reference to us but i do know Soulja Boy (the American Rapper popular with Tell 'Em)  might give big influence. Hahaha...

Secret Society
- just to make the name sound ghetto-ish. Hahahah

DISCLAIMER : Wonderful Souljas Secret Society is merely a colourful friend group.. not some gang or something even WE;

Hate each other on soccer nite
- We can go provoked each other teams at anytime without feeling b*tthurt or something.

Help each other when in need
- There's a time when something coming up, somebody will be there... Somebody always will....

Laugh together at anytime
- Gosh young restoration program when certain members sits together.

Stand the ground in name of brothers and sisters...
- Oh yeah...

Of course we have shared our moment during our friendship like a Happy moment when our favourite teams won or some members getting good job or getting engaged or getting married or having a beautiful baby or getting new car or even new girlfriend. We shared the sadness when some friends lost their job or lost a family member or when our member injured in an accident. We also shared disagreement in certain thing but yet we still friends. No heart feeling whatsoever.

Personally i became fond to each and everyone in the group.. - they are like my brothers and sisters. When everybody else looking down or trying their best to disassociate them self from me due to or at my lacking in whatever aspects, they still accept  me the way i am. When i was broke and jobless for few months in 2010 - they still looking for me to hang out together, didnt even mind to chip in some dough to pay my coffee or even fetch me from home. Didnt mind to change my hard disk at no cost! They let me use their camera so i can go out and take a good shot for my blog. They come and help jump my car battery in the middle of night... Share a song or two together....

They always have my back every time i fall... They always there for me when i'm out of options. Every time when I think of all the good thing that they have done to me - directly or indirectly... it will bring tears to my eyes because every little thing they have done, really touched my heart dearly because it's not fake, there's no catch behind the goodness. It's all pure.

In return, i always try to be there for them - in their happiness or sorrow. I always wanted to be some one that they can always look for when they need a shoulder to cry on or friends to jump in joys. I wanted to be some one that they will always remember as the most congeniality friend they ever have. In Shaa Allah.

This entry i dedicated especially to my beautiful Wonderful Souljas in Wonderful Souljas Secret Society.. Every single one of you! My life will be really freaking dull without you all. 
I would love to grow old with you all.... Please keep it alive forever...!! 

This song goes to you all too!

I Love You All... Thank you for being my friends. My Souljas.

NT Gravity : The most tear-jerking entry i ever done... Yeah i wrote this entry with full of emotions... *Boowoohoooo*


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  1. ahhh so sweet....u r so cherishing the moments u spend with ur friends...just like that Anfield never walk alone hehe (it's kinda sinister for a red devils fan to write those words)....anyway enjoy life sis!

  2. Thank you bro... i dont have much friends, them is all i have...

    same like m.u juak, Glory Glory (when hu)Man United..

    there i've said it... its hurt a certain little corner of my Liverpool fan's pride ... LOL!

    thanks for dropping by!


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