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Friday, August 16, 2013

Thank you to Sushi King management for the invitation to the Grand Opening Ceremony of their sixth outlet in Sarawak at The Summer Shopping Mall, Kota Samarahan - yesterday [15 August 2013 ] a week after all Muslim around the globe celebrating Aidilfitri.

[ By the way, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir dan Batin kepada semua pembaca / follower NTGravity Zone! Semoga Syawal kali ini memberi sejuta makna kepada anda semua.. ]

Photo from The Summer Shopping Mall's website

(((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) 私たちからおめでとう!

[Watashitachi kara omedeto / Congratulations from us]

I've reach Summer Mall 10am on the dot - the place are still too quiet. Met few other bloggers from Sarawak Bloggers community that also came for the same mission, food tasting! *LoL

Getting Ready.
Love this deco. 
Ribbon cutting ceremony to start off the day.
Photo session with the managements.
Another shot with the staffs.
We've been briefed about the new smiling fish logo and the “Healthy Good Taste” tagline has been changed to “Smiling, Served Fresh” and without the red box.

This new outlet also will be the second version of Sushi King compared to other Sushi King outlets in Sarawak (which are still in 'first version')

The 'second version' of Sushi King is based on the technology and also the layout of this outlet.

Learn your manners while consuming sushi from the sushi belt.
New and neat layout that try not to take up as many space they can for customer's convenience.
All condiments for every tables are all set under the sushi belt.
Hot water tap for unlimited refill or until the Ocha runs out flavour.. For cold Ocha (Green Tea), they will serve a pitcher for each table.
For this grand opening day, they also take the opportunity to introduce a new menu. [Here comes the best part... food tasting!! Itadakimasu~❤]

Note : Some of them are the actual size of serving.

New healthy drink - Blackcurrant Vinegar [RM4.90] only 158 Kcal...

NTGravity : a slightly sour but it's refreshing! 

Under Sushi Menu :
1. Avocado Ten [RM4] - Deep fried avocado with in house curry powder. A chef recommendation.
2. Salmon Belly Aburi [RM5] - flame grilled salmon belly and it's also a chef recommendation.
3. Katsua Tataki [RM5] - Bonito Fish with a dash of mayo.
4. Unagi Slice [RM6] - Grilled eel.

NTGravity : Who do not like avocados, right? So far i'm loving everything i ate.. 

This is one of the new menu. Look for Healthy Menu (new section). The dish called Salmon Avocado Carpaccio [RM16.90] - raw salmon, avocado and flying fish roes with Sushi King dressing.

NTGravity : Normally I would not order food that is associated with salmon but this is an exception because it is delicious!( ˘▽˘)っ♨ Oishī~❤

Avocado, even when eaten it tastes like super creamy but dont worry, it's actually can help to lower down the cholesterol level.

Also under Healthy Menu : (the above photo) to those who like to keep up appearances, who always wanted a lean body - this is what you should choose. Tako wakame [RM8.90]: seaweed, octopus, flying fish foes served with special dressing. oil-free!

NTGravity : i'm not really into lean body anytime soon so i'll opt for deep fried octopus instead.. *LOL*

Next in Healthy Menu - Miso Yakko [RM5.90] - fresh beancurds garnished with soybean sauce. Beancurds a.k.a Tofu are made from soybean which is low in calories and it helps to detox our body for a healthier lifestyle. 

NTGravity : Although it just served like that - i love it!

Look under Youshoku Menu which is Japanese style western food, Naporitan Spaghetti [RM17.90] - Japanese style spaghetti served with salmon sausage and vegetable.

NTGravity : This not the real serving portion but for this food tasting - i've consumed two small bowl and I began to feel satiated!

Find it at Yakimono Menu or grilled dishes, Shishamo or grilled capelin with a sac of roes inside each of them.

NTGravity : Seriously i didnt know this fish also known as Japanese Smelt are really easy to deal with because you can eat the whole thing, from head to tail. Hahaha!

Another Chef recommendation under Yakimono Menu : Hotate Mentai Yaki [RM13.90] - grilled scallops topped with cod roe mayo.

NTGravity : Hoo yeah!! Mecha Umai!!♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Under deep fried dishes menu or Agemono, served to us - two new dishes, both are Chef Recommendation :

Tori Kara Ponzu [RM13.90] - deep fried chicken nugget served with citrus based grated radish and lettuce.

NTGravity : As a meat-eater, i cant resist it! it's so yummy!

Chicken Katsuni [RM12.90] - deep fried chicken in special sauce served with sliced onions and egg.

NTGravity : This is interesting! Something I want to do since I'm watching a variety show series that is hosted by a group of men who are very kawaiiii - Arashi No Shukudai kun. There's a scene where they will treat their guest for that day anything they want to eat - this is one of it (but not from Sushi King...) Long story short, this is seriously good! I can eat this all alone.

Soft Shell Crab [RM17.90]

NTGravity : Really soft like a bun! but i'll opt for other in Agemono menu such as TAKOYAKI (deep fried octopus balls) *a must order!* and Age Gyoza (deep fried shrimp dumpling).

What's new you ask?

This is a magnet device that sync with sushi belt which will auto discard after certain hours - depends on what food served on that moment.

Too bad, there's no more live sushi making now.
Can wait for third version... bullet train for table order... smart!!

NTGravity : Oh i love Japanese food... and Japanese culture! and Japanese guy... hehehe

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