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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I was in Kota Kinabalu last week [from October 4 to 8]. Thank God, I managed to grab 
the low cost ticket promotion from Air Asia - the cost for my return ticket was just RM78. [Big Thanks to my Lil' Sis.. hehe]

I will be attending two interviews on the same day and later in the afternoon, I'll be going down to Stadium Likas for a football match between Sarawak FA and Sabah FA (last game for Malaysia Premier League. Sarawak is already champion!! Yayyy~!!!)

Actually, I miss Kota Kinabalu very much because in 2010 I went there with my family for a holiday. I never go on real holiday with my family before, so of course it's a sweet memories for me.

This time, I'm alone. With a very minimal budget but a lot of pictures .. hahaha...

from Google
My flight to Kota Kinabalu from Kuching was the last flight. Thanks to my cousin - Tim and her housemate, Fatma for their willingness to fetch me from the airport and let me crash their home for a night.

I'm too exhausted to stay up and my cousin (Tim) is too busy with her love life so we called it a night at 2am.

Believe me when i say this Blackberry is actually an extended part of her body... LOL

* * * * *

05 | 07 | 2013

Early in the morning, Tim sent me to a budget hotel located in the heart of the city of Kota Kinabalu (a.k.a. KK) as she need to go to work.  

Big day for me too as I'll be attending two interviews [ separate jobs], first will be at 9am and later at 11am. I've choosen to stay at Rainforest Lodge after surfing in the internet for good budget room. Rate for the rooms, I think it's cheap and reasonable and as I can not afford to have my own room, I choose the dorm room types. It's only cost me RM30 per night.

The look of the Lodge from other side of the road
The entrance door to check in
Three double decker beds in a room. You can only pick one!
My view for the next two night.
This area is for smoking or watch tv or gathering or even to eat (you cant eat in the dorm room.)
You can watch or enjoy band performance at night.
Night market or Sunday Market just few steps away! So cool!!
From room to lobby area
From lobby area to entrance door
This area use to be Sugar Bun outlet but now it's serve as a place for breakfast or to hang out.
I totally love this lodge so far. The room and the common shower [cum toilet] are both very clean - the housekeeping are around most of the time (except after midnight). Towel and locker can be rented at low cost price. I didnt need both.

Both interviews goes well.. [I hope.. *fingers cross* hahaha...] Having a late lunch around 2pm at Sugar Bun cafe first before getting ready to go to Stadium Likas for Sarawak Fa vs Sabah Fa later at 4.45pm.

This outlet is so close to my heart... *LOL* This is the only one in Kota Kinabalu but a lots in Kuching but yet, very seldom patronize the outlet. Huhu
Sarawak Flag. Oh yeah, I'm getting ready for Stadium Likas. 
Touchdown after 10 minutes journey from lodge. Using taxi and RM20 poorer. #DemiSarawak #WeFallWeRise
The ticketing told me this is the clearest to see Sarawak player but he didnt tell me its the farthest and secured. *LOL* 
I was so excited to enter the stadium and when i did.......

...... seriously too far!

Very beautiful stadium indeed.
Was Here..

below the roofed area stadium lays few stalls.
There are my guys Sarawak players! Hahaha...

After few minutes feeling not satisfied because of the distant, i came down and told the management staff i want to move to Sarawak team area and they are all friendly enough to ushered me.


Just after raining...
Changing room for Sarawak team and I was here... to.. hehehe *skodeng.. skodeng*
The game goes on smoothly... Sarawak won again that day! Yayy! Praise to Allah! 
Congratulations to Sarawak Fa team... Unbeaten record for this 2012/2013 premier league season thus giving them the opportunity to advance to the Super League next year..
Sarawak Fa player give fans big applause.. 
I've got the chance to meet the whole players after that as i'm (on behalf of my fans group - look for SARAWAK FA FANS at Facebook) going to give a small token of appreciation to each of them. I totally forgot to take at least a photo of them and when i realise [and ask a person to help me to took it ] - its badly shaken. WTH!!!! *Sorry...*

Anyways, after that Tim picked me up and bring me out for dinner. We're having pizza and some other more at Pizza Hut Suria Sabah.

Once done, it's a bedtime. Too tired and my limping foot are d*mn too sore!

* * * * *

06 | 07 | 2013

Saturday...! Meeting with some childhood friends - i'm so lucky, my lunch and tea time bills are all covered! *Thank you - you know who you are!*

Back in my room around 4pm and getting ready to cruise around the city... Actually more like strolling around the town, with my oh-so-limping foot.

I didnt take much photos as i'm afraid of snatchers.. *the downfalls when walking alone.. huhu*

Even with my limping foot - i managed to make my way to Burger King.. *i'm a burger enthusiast and burgers from Burger King are very rare items in my list. Actually because there's No BK outlet in Kuching. Huhu...*

After that, make my move to Suria Sabah not because of shopping spree - i'm broke remember... but for these...

[Want to see more of these? Visit Practical Useful Interesting]

So neat! Seriously! Dont you think?

After that, i've started to walk along the way of the Waterfront until my left foot start to refuse to walk further. I'm back at my room around 10pm. Woohoo no roomates! yayy!!

After shower, i'm just resting in my room.. listening to the band from my bedroom window while enjoying my 'kinda-rare' burger.

* * * * *

07 | 07 | 2013

Woke up early. Breakfast - unlimited Toast and Hot Coffee. Once i'm done - it's Sunday Market time!!

Being so near is the beauty staying at this lodge.

Old ceramic and copper.
These are nice.. Photos of Old scene and buildings.

Love the smells of coffee beans.

Opp opp opp... oppa gangnam style....

The whole Gaya Street is closed for traffic to make way for the market. Shop for anything under shady trees and over-sized umbrellas, like batik sarongs, fruits and flowers, arts and craft, footwear, antiques and souvenirs, cakes, even pets and herbs!. This is the best place to experience the cross-section of the local population when entire families enjoy a Sunday outing. 

The Gaya Street Fair is on every Sunday from 6.30 am to 1.00 pm

Around 1pm plus after i've done with check out - Tim finally arrived to pick me up and go for lunch at Anjung Senja. We're having Ayam Penyet. While waiting for our order, managed to capture some photos.

Woww... Lucky hommies... Great view i'm sure!
not sure if this sinking boat is part of the landscape decoration

Seems that Tim is still busy with her work and only done after 6pm - i gotta entertained myself. I walked inside the plaza and around the block - its surrounded by condominiums and service apartments. Still limping though, around 4pm i started to feel not well so i make my way back to Tim's car and wait there.

Almost 2 hours i'm sitting nearby and watch : The pedestrian area is never quiet from people passing by. It's like school... LOL
Once Tim is done with her job for that day - we going back to her flat to fetch her room-mate, Fatma and going to Tanjung Aru to watch sunset.

Yayy.. i love sunset!

Extra baggages?

My cousin Tim and her roommate, Fatma (behind)

Ahhh... relaxing time....
Ice Cream Man.. you are my knight on 100cc motorcycle.
Once we're done sunset + boys watching, it's time to cruise back around the town - so we went to Centrepoint - a very well-known shopping complex in Sabah.

Ahhh.... what a nice view... LOL!
Next stop : Dinner. I'm not feeling well so i skipped this part. *Okay, do not be so surprised! LOL...*
This is called ROTI JANTAN [Read: Male Bread].. Hahaha.. Actually this roti canai + egg but in this case, 2 eggs!! 
Tonight i'll be crashing again my cousin's flat as she is getting her off day the next day.  Thanks to Fatma for the head massaging. Feel so much better! #Syukur

* * * * *

08 | 07 | 2013

Our agenda for today is going to Immigration office to do a travelling passport for Tim. Once we done, it's a lunch time! Going to 1Borneo for lunch.

Impromptu shot but its very nice building....
passing by Universiti Malaysia Sabah
What else if not these finger licking good chicken!
After that we're going for a karaoke session. It's so much fun and oh no.. my time is running out... At 8pm is my departure time. Huhu. Again another last moment for Kota Kinabalu sunset.

Tim and I
Tim and Fatma
Sunset in Kota Kinabalu

Goodbye Kota Kinabalu. Till we meet again! In Shaa Allah.

Ok i didnt know how far this entry help you all about low budget vacation.. but at least i want you all to notice the new layout of NTGravity Zone. Hahaha..

NTGravity : Time to change.

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