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Monday, July 01, 2013

Welcome to Day Three of Rainforest World Music Festival 2013.

I would like to extend my  many many many gratitude to Sarawak Tourism Board for inviting us in Sarawak Bloggers to be part of the media for this prestige event. Its a real great experience. Please take note photos without NTGravity Zone's watermark are credited to Sarawak Tourism Board unless stated otherwise. To read my previous entries about Rainforest World Music Festival 2013 (Read : RWMF2013)

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I woke up early on  this beautiful Sunday morning but i have to rush back home for my cousin's wedding reception. I'm going to be their wedding photographer for a day (well for few hours actually.)

Newly wed couple... taken by a single and available me.. hahaha
Around 12:30 noon i have rush back to Media Center. Once I've parked my car at One Hotel Santubong - take a shuttle and finally arrived at Damai Beach Resort around 1:15pm. After gaining my daily pass for the day, i'm hanging out for a while in Media Center to transfer some data to clear up space in camera memory card and then head up to Sarawak Cultural Village.

Today, I'm planning to go around the Sarawak Cultural Village as i didn't get myself a time to see the village marts, surrounding and mini activities.
RWMF Wristband @ only RM5
RWMF Tshirt
Rainforest Merchandise to go
Totempole made in Sarawak
Kudos to the organizer Sarawak Tourism Board for providing such facilities 
Finally, after capturing this bamboo bridge - I made it through it. Yayyy....

While wandering around, i'm still thinking of certain workshop for this final day. In the end, I'm heading up to Dewan Lagenda for 3pm - 3:45pm session.

Location : Dewan Lagenda
Time : 3pm - 3:45pm

This interactive workshop is on historical dances from Norwegian, Scottish and French lead by Lydia Smirnov from Spiritual Seasons from Ukraine and translate by Anton Smirnov from same group.

This dance requires several people in a group. It is a whole body movement and also will dance in pairs by rotation in order.

Really happy dance.... or we are too happy doing the dance... Hahaha

* * * * *

Location : Dewan Lagenda
Time : 4pm - 4:45pm


Dit is Afrikaans interaktiewe dans werkswinkels sessie. hahaha How is my Afrikaans language? You want more?? Ek is so jammer dat ek nie geweet het nie hierdie taal nie. Haha.. Thank you to Google Translate for this.

This ceremonial dance from South Africa are lead by Thabise Dinga from Dizu Plaatjies & The Ibuyambo Ensemble and assisted by members of the group, Wendy Thoane and Tutsu.

This is Zulu dance named Indlamu, where the dancers lifts one foot over they head and brings it down hard, landing squarely on the downbeat. Typically, two dancers in warrior's pelts perform indlamu routines together, shadowing each other's moves perfectly. Also often referred to as a Zulu war dance and often performed at weddings.

This is done by the Nguni group of tribes, each in their own fashion. It is a secular dance performed by young men in single or double line. Different tempos, manners of stamping the ground, ending the dance, and ways of holding their dance sticks are used by each tribe: the Itlangwini from Southern Natal; the Baca from the Eastern Cape Province; the Mpondo and Mpondomisi from further south; and perhaps best known, the Zulu.

[ Source from Wikipedia: Link ]

Shortly after that, I returned to my original planning which is roaming around the Sarawak Cultural Village. Here some photos for you all to see.

This is Dewan Lagenda.  It's multi-purpose hall - day time : workshop, while night time : it can be a social gathering spot, meet and greet session with the performers or just a place to rest from the big crowd.

That hut over there... is where the Heinekabana located - a VIP invitation only.

After that i'm back at Dewan Lagenda - we have photo session as today is our final day.

Setting up 
There we are
Anti Gravity??
Please do visit their blogs below... but once you are done reading my entries. Hahahaha..

( ̄┏∞┓ ̄) Anajonessy –
( ̄┏∞┓ ̄) Khairol Adzeman –

( ̄┏∞┓ ̄) Lindy Sim –
( ̄┏∞┓ ̄) Garner Wyne Madcat -

( ̄┏∞┓ ̄) Sentia B –
( ̄┏∞┓ ̄) Ophelia John –

* * * * *

NTGravity : Awww... good thing is almost come to an end!

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