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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ahlan Wa Sahlan... متشرفة بمعرفتك [ Motasharefatun bema'refatek : Please to meet you ]

Welcome to Rainforest World Music Festival 2013.

Thank you to Sarawak Tourism Board for inviting us in Sarawak Bloggers to be part of the media for this prestige event. Please take note photos without NTGravity Zone's watermark are credited to Sarawak Tourism Board unless stated otherwise. To read my previous entries about Rainforest World Music Festival 2013 (Read : RWMF2013)

Songs My Mom Taught Me [ HERE ] - Workshops I have attended
Revive The Dying Music [ HERE ] - Evening Showcases

Workshops You Admire [ HERE ] - Workshops i have attended

Meanwhile please do visit my fellow bloggers who also was in Sarawak Cultural village to give good coverage for you all.

( ̄┏∞┓ ̄) Anajonessy –
( ̄┏∞┓ ̄) Khairol Adzeman –

( ̄┏∞┓ ̄) Lindy Sim –
( ̄┏∞┓ ̄) Garner Wyne Madcat -

( ̄┏∞┓ ̄) Sentia B –
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After the end of last workshop session that i have attended, I went back to Damai Beach Resort to shower and pack up for the evening shows. Besides that I take the opportunity to go to the media center to charge my mobile phone battery and camera. Not to be forgotten,  a cup of hot coffee!

I am wearing Sarawak Fa's  jersey in conjunction with their success as Champion  in the Premier League 2013. (There was a celebrations in Padang Merdeka that I could not attend .. huhu .. (?♥♥)σ Azizan Baba~♥  )
Around 6pm, i'm heading to Bayridge cafe at Damai Central by using a shuttle (too lazy to walk down... hahaha) for dinner and then head back to Sarawak Cultural Village for the Evening Shows.

This beautiful photo was taken at Damai Central by Garner. Visit his blog [ MY LENS MEETS THE WORLD ]
...after they all done with the bamboo bridge.... * Eu non me gusta... : I'm too heavy kot.. hahaha.. *

My fellow brave bloggers having their moment on bamboo bridge
The first showcase is from Maya Green at the Jungle Stage. Many might not aware that Maya Green is Kelabit descent of Sarawak also a senior general manager of Malaysian oil and gas conglomerate Petronas. Dato Medan Abdullah (Medan Maya Ulun), born and bred in the foothills of Bario and the Green in his stage name represents his agenda — saving the rainforest and with it, our environment.

Dato Medan, who plays a handful of stringed instruments like the guitar, ukulele and banjo, was given a sape by a member of the Kayan tribe three years ago. He initially rejected the gift but was told he didn't have a choice.

He started teaching himself to play traditional songs from heart and a year later, while playing the sape, his daughter recorded it and uploaded the video on You-Tube. Before he knew it, the video had more than 6,000 views.

Last year, he recorded another video which received an astounding 69,000 views.

In the two years that he's been playing the sape, Medan has also begun composing environmentally-inclined poetry to go with his music.

His originals include If Trees Could Cry and Walk Of Colour.

[Source from The Malay Mail : Link ]

At Tree Stage after Maya Green, Madeeh, which means cousins, relatives, brotherhood or sisterhood. The band’s name came about as all of the band members are related and from the same longhouse in Annah Rais.  It’s made up of 6 males and 1 female. Though they have been playing together for a long time, the band was only formed in May, 2009.  Pratuokng, as a lead instrument, is played by 4 people, 2 players on the Gaduok (percussion), and 1 playing the Sritakng (xylophone).

Abas “Nyamba Takar” Ringap – Pratuokng, Sritakng aka Grandmaster Arthur Borman “Bai Kas” Kanying – Pratuokng aka Band Leader Artwell Felix “Art” Edmund Jawa – Pratuokng aka Audio Technician Sylvester “Rhambo” Pogue – Pratuokng aka Instrument Engineer Gardon “Sama’ Mary” Piah – Sabakng aka Master of Melody and Percussion I Pola “Puak” Nan – Gaduok aka Master of Percussion II Cynthia “Sinn” Neng – Sritakng aka Music Theory Consultant.

Abas Ringap, born 1933, is regarded as the mentor for the survival of the traditional instruments. He is capable in playing, making and teaching all of the 3 types of instrument. His knowledge about plant species in the forest makes him a wise man in choosing the right species of bamboo, wood and rattan to be used for making the instruments. As his story tells, he started learning and playing the instruments since he was about 12 years old.

[ Source from RWMF Performers 2013 : Link ]

Native Chanting and Blessing from Sarawak Tribes for the mother nature.

Silhouette of warrior

Right after the blessing and native chanting, on the same stage Shangyin Chinese Chamber Orchestra steal the spotlight with their performances.

Based in Sarawak,Malaysia, Shangyin Chinese Chamber Music Orchestra performs a unique blend of Sarawak flavour with Sape (Sarawak music intrument) and traditional Chinese music along with local Malaysian instruments and folk songs. They have performed abroad in Singapore and China too.

As for music, they have invited different composers to help compose the music, by giving them the essence of native music and different cultural forms, and let them compose it in order suit to our group.

Shangyin Chamber Orchestra was formed on Oct 2012. The idea came from their Singaporean music director Dr Tay Teow Kiat, during his visit to Kuching in Aug 2012.

It was found that, South East Asian Music has a very different music culture;  Malaysian and Indonesian , Thai , Burmese and etc. In Malaysia, the 13 states that make up the country, similarly have their own musical performance and their own unique instruments to present the different styles of music. In Sarawak, the most common instrument representing the state’s cultural musical instrument is “SAPEH”. Thus it began the idea of fusing Chinese tradition instrument with Sarawak’s. Subsequently, this led to the formation of the Shangyin Chamber Orchestra.

Shangyin Chinese Chamber Music Orchestra also performs at Borneo World Music Expo 2013 few days before Rainforest World Music Festival 2013 [ Read HERE ]

On the Tree Stage, a band from Indonesia who named themselves Rafly Wa Saja started to performed.

Rafly Wa Saja presence in the Indonesian music scene are expected to enrich the dynamics of the music that has been there in Indonesia and of course not forgetting the roots of their own culture (Acheh). Beside that, hopefully with the music theme options Rafly Wa Saja future could be enjoyed not only domestically, but also abroad.

Rafly Wa Saja is a development of musical ideas, starting from meetings and casual conversations between Rafly (as lead singer) with Agam Hamzah (as a guitarist) and also Adi Darmawan (as bassist).

A year after that (2011) with the addition of two other persons, namely Jalu G Pratidina (as percussionist) and Saat Shah (the instrument flute), agreed to join in a musical group by the name of Rafly Wa Saja with Islamic and Ballad genre.

As in earlier works Rafly Wa Saja is still dominated by shades of Acheh Malay ethnic because of some work produced by Rafly who is a resident of Acheh. However this does not cover the possibility of subsequent works inspired by the rhythms of other areas of culture, as the other personnel are not entirely derived from Aceh.

Rafly Wa Saja have also performed at BWME2013 [ Read HERE ]

Follow Rafly Wa Saja at Reverbnation [ Here ]

Back at Jungle Stage, South African troupe - Dizu Plaatjies & The Ibuyambo Ensemble performing. Painted warriors, female dancers, traditional music played on hand made instruments. Exulted voices, wonderful instrumental textures and thrilling percussion.

Dizu Plaatjies is the founder and former leader of the South African group, Amampondo. He is a graduate of the University of Cape Town School of Music and now lectures in their Department of Ethnomusicology in African Music. Since leaving Amampondo he has started a new ensemble called Ibuyambo. Dizu and the new group have presented numerous shows in a number of European countries, and perform regularly in South Africa.

Plaatjies is the son of an African traditional healer and late lady teacher Ntombiza, has himself been initiated in the Xhosa/Pondo tribal tradition. His interest in African percussion music has taken him to numerous countries on the continent with the result that he now owns a substantial collection of handmade musical instruments from sub-Saharan Africa. His latest recordings made for the label Mountain Records, entitled, Ibuyambo (2005) and African Kings (2008), illustrate this knowledge and interest.

[Source from Wikipedia : Link ]

Dizu Plaatjies & The Ibuyambo Ensemble also dedicated their performance tonight to their Father Of Nation, Mr. Nelson Mandela. #RESPECT
Spotted from the crowd

From USA taking their place at Tree Stage is Louisiana's finest, four-time Grammy-Nominated, world-renown Pine Leaf Boys have made a name for presenting their own inimitable brand of Cajun music with youthful exuberance. Hailing from the southwest Louisiana, the Pine Leaf Boys, known for their wild shows and thoughtful arrangements, have breathed new life into Cajun music, reviving ancient songs and bringing them to the bandstand. Being described in the New York Times as, "... the link that connects the young and the old generations," and, "the best new, energetic, and fun Cajun band in a very long time," the Pine Leaf Boys play the old fashion dance hall standards while making a priority to bring many of the more obscure songs of past masters into their repertoire and play them with gusto.

The Pine Leaf Boys have been invited on two occassions by the U.S. State Department to tour the world and present true music to Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Jerusalem in 2009 and again to Latvia, Denmark, and Slovenia is 2010. The variety and energy they release evolves through their shows, bringing multi-faceted angles to Cajun, Creole, and Zydeco. Their mission is to present the beautiful, powerful music of their ancestors and present the real Cajun music to the world and prove that it is still thriving and full of life. The Pine Leaf Boys have preserved the traditional Cajun sound, while allowing it to breathe and stretch with those who play it.

[ Follow them at Pine Leaf Boys website : Link ]

Another Native Chantings and asking for blessing from mother nature from one of the tribes in Sarawak.

Last performance for tonight, Kries, traditional Crotian chants interlaced with dark, propulsive groove. Powerful, mesmerizing Ethno-rock based on mythology. They made the music for "Konjanic", movie by Branko Ivanda and received the Crotian Music Award in the category of Best Original Music for Theatre, Movie and TV. 

Soon after the last song from Kries, i make a move back to Media Center at Damai Beach Resort for supper and of course, recharging my own energy for last day tomorrow.

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