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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Today is the first day of Borneo World Music Expo. This is the second year and scheduled to be held in the days before the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) every year. The expo will integrate a trade fair, musical showcases, conferences, exhibition and networking sessions which would promote the culture and music. It is specifically designed to expose Asian and ethnic musicians to the international market and to help professionalize the music sector to meet the expectations and standards of the international market.

This expo is supported by Malaysia Convention & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB), an agency established by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia to further strengthen and position Malaysia as a major events hub for the region and also by Sarawak Convention Bureau.

The main objective of the Expo is to draw especially foriegn tourists to Sarawak a week prior to the RWMF for business and then to continue for leisure and see for themselves the cultures, nature and adventures that is niche product offerings of Sarawak, Borneo.

While the Rainforest World Music Festival is about entertainment, the Expo is about the trade, networking, information distribution and business behind the entertainment industry. The Expo seeks to be the market place where professionals come to present their services or to hire.

The Borneo World Music Expo is just about bringing the two parties together where they will have a chance to show and tell and buy or sell.

That’s a little bit background for Borneo World Music Expo.

Around 2.30pm, i’ve reach Hilton hotel – this year location where the Borneo Music Expo will be held. After done collecting media pass, goodie bag [yayyy~] and media program – we [ Lindy  and i ] check-in and went up to our designated room first, because it’s plenty of time to go before the first press conference which will be held around 5.30pm later.

Press Conference

The Expo continues to be guided by the very experienced hands of Gerald Seligman, who was until November 2009, General Director of WOMEX, the very well established world music expo in Europe.
23 programmers from all over the world are selected and invited to come to Sarawak, Borneo to see 10 showcase bands from some of the best traditional and world music artists throughout Asia. Pride of place will be given to Sarawak and Malaysia in general – Madeeh, Gendang Sri Buana and Mah Meri will be leading off the event on the opening night.

When questioned about the outcome from last year Borneo World Music Expo...,

Media mileage estimated at RM8mil with 73 media covering both international and local, representing media from local daily papers, music and travel magazine (print & electronic), radio stations, TV station and the bloggers team... 

Event spinoff to the industry estimated in excess of 5mil – this involves the transport, accommodation, food and other services sector.

An excellent result, with more booking coming in – since the results from an expo are measured over time. Artists who appeared might be booked 1 to 3 years afterwards.

Just to name a few...,

Madeeh [ Sarawak ]
Was signed up to be represented in Europe by an invited programmer, Jean-herve Vidal of Zaman Productions in France. Will be touring in Europe and plans are being developed to bring him to the US.

Matthew Ngau Jau [ Sarawak ]
Was in Germany for a month of appearances where he appeared in concerts and on radio. Matthew Ngau Jau and his group, Lan Ee tuyang - was taken on by BWME guest, Birgit Ellinghous from Germany.

Palsandae [ Korea ]
Is in negotiation to go to London with Serious Production company.

Akasha [ Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ]
Had an offer from a festival in India

Talago Buni [ Indonesia ]
Was invited for shows in India. Tours are being planned in Northen Europe and US for them as we speak! Talago Buni also will be performing in RWMF 2014.

Rafly Wa Saja [ Acheh, Indonesia ]
Appeared at Bali spirit and elsewhere.

This year BMWE

Conferences sessions will include :

╰( ´・ω・)つ──☆ Professionalize – how to present yourself to agents, labels and concert programmers. How to write press kits, do photo shoot and how to get hired.

╰( ´・ω・)つ──☆ Opportunities in Asian networks and festivals – Programmers from festivals throughout Asia will talk about what they look for and how best to approach them. New networks are being created – learned about what they are accomplishing.

╰( ´・ω・)つ──☆ Opportunities in the international scene – Concert programmers from Europe and North America will talk about their markets, how they differ from home markets and give tips on how to break in and what to expect.

╰( ´・ω・)つ──☆ Special focus – how artists in Sarawak are working to support traditional musical culture and how others might follow their example. Featuring Arthur Borman [Madeeh], Peter Sawal [Bisaya Gong] and Rashid bin Esa [ Mah Meri ] and more, including a session on how local governments in Asia support the arts and how they and the musicians each benefit from working together.

After the press conference, it’s time for dinner. Around 7.30pm the BWME 2014 open its door to all.

CEO of Sarawak Tourism Board with is opening speech.

Momento giveaway to programmers

Musical welcome by Gendang Melayu Sri Buana (Sarawak) – i wish my father is here. He surely love this!

Musical showcase from Sarawak - Madeeh

Musical showcase from a tribe from West Malaysia - Mah Meri

Musical showcase all the way from India - The Barmer Boys... very fascinating!

Every each performances, audiences are encouraged to come forward to have a closer look of their instruments or questions to the performers.

After the last showcase, it's a curtain call for today...

NTGravity : Cant wait for the next day.... yayyy...

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