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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

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First of all, NTGravity Zone would love to extend our tons of gratitudes to +Sarawak Tourism Board for inviting us [ +Sarawak Bloggers Society members] to have our hands-on experience for the 2nd edition of the Borneo World Music Expo [BWME] 2014. This year the venue of this event will be at Hilton Hotel, Kuching.

This expo will kick off on an evening for opening night plus showcase followed by 2 full days of conferences in the morning and afternoon. At night - showcase, which also open for public at RM30 per person.

This expo are very welcome you if you are :
  1. Musicians
  2. Managers
  3. Labels
  4. Music Venues
  5. Music Professionals
  6. Cultural Ministries
  7. Entrepreneurs
  8. Technology Companies
  9. Artists - who want to professionalize and reach ever-wider audiences - domestically, regionally and internationally.
  10. All Professionals within the music industry - who want to increase their contacts, pick up new skills and exchange ideas in the ASEAN region.
  11. Who want to present their wares, products and music to their colleagues.

The cost of registration fee is RM360 which inclusive entry to all conferences and showcases, a welcome dinner, lunch and 2 tea-breaks each day. Please check for more info. [ Or if you want to join for next year!]

I personally think this is very good event especially to those that are related or interested to music even entertainment journalist or blogger. 

Anyway, it's the day two... Meet up with other bloggers at media center. Looking for new input and coffee... but first...,

a groufie with my fellow Sarawak Bloggers...

We're actually a bit late for the first session which the title is...

New Asian Networks and Local Markets : Who They Are, How They Work and How to Approach Them.

Programmers from festivals throughout Asia will talk about what they look for and how best to approach them. New networks are being created – learned about what they are accomplishing.

+Ana Jonessy in the scene.. asking some questions... she actually a manager for her own band... 

This is how the session looks like...

Soon after their done answering Ana's questions - the first session is done and we are all taking short breaks before the second session commenced at the same room but with different moderator and panelists.

Second session -

Professionalize - How artists should present themselves to labels, Journalists, Venues, Festivals.

Mostly they giving their tips and advice on how to create demos and recordings, how to write a captivating press kits and bios to how to prepare for photo shoots and how to work with management, get bookings and many more...

Please... please join Borneo World Music Expo next year! It's usually happen few days before Rainforest World Music Festival... 

the panelists

an example of creative photo shoot

Night Showcases....

Korphai, Thailand - Korphai means "a bunch of bamboo" and was established by Anant Narkkong in 1980. At this expo, Korphai will be performing a selection of Thailand folksongs from 4 major regions - North, South, Northeast and Central. Musical content will range from lullabies, love songs, storytelling and theatrical songs.

Aye Su Kyaw, Myammar.

Aye Su Kyaw is one of the most brilliant female singers and harpists in Myanmar. The harp is almost mythical in the country. Legend has it that is is an instrument “cuddled against the chest, but is not a child; has a crooked tail but is not a monkey; has a beard but is not a man; is able to produce sweet sounds, but is not a maiden…”

Burmese music is divided into 2 major types: outdoor music played with instruments that have the volume to carry (percussion, oboe) and then mostly classical repertoire with its performances of Thai Yok Tabin (puppets), music for Royal processions and for religious festivals. Meanwhile, in a complementary manner, chamber music provides a counterpoint and highlights the remarkable instruments of Myanmar, ones include an indigenous oboe and flute and all manner of percussion.

Finally, the Ensemble includes traditional dance, which are supple, graceful, elaborate and well-refined. Every dance movement resembles an exquisite floral design. A flower is like a dancer. The bloom is the dancer’s head. The leaves are the hands and the stem is the body. When the breeze comes, the flower becomes alive and starts to dance to the accompaniment of music, the gentle breeze.

The last performers for the second night is.. Tuku’ Kame’

Sarawak Contemporary Music Band. Founded in 1998 at the Sarawak Cultural Village, the group is led by Rashidi Narawi, SCV Music Arranger and Composer. It features renowned sape player Jerry Kamit. They combine traditional music from various ethnic groups of Sarawak as a platform to produce new and contemporary music.

Tuku’ Kame’ has travelled the world extensively with the mission to introduce the art and culture of Sarawak to the international scene. They have performed in Canada, the USA, Australia, various Middle Eastern countries, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Brunei, Japan, Germany, Korea, Monaco and others.

They have released two albums, Rhythm of the Rainforest, in 1998, and Gadong in 2001.

the man behind my ringtone sound [click the video below]... the famous Jerry Kamit...

Time for some hot coffee!! Ciaoo~

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NTGravity : Tomorrow will be the last day... nooooo!!

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