Irau Aco Lun Bawang 2014

Saturday, June 07, 2014


A week ago NTGravity Zone (under Sarawak Bloggers Society) has been invited to attend a festival held in Ba’ Kelalan...  it is called Irau Aco Lun Bawang. Since 1987 the Lun Bawang Association Sarawak (LBAS) started to organised an annual gathering known as ‘Irau’ in an effort to encourage its members to congregate and socialise by way of cultural, sporting and entertainment activities. The Irau has been earnestly observed on 31st May to 2nd Jun every year in Lawas, the district within Limbang Division, where the majority of the Lun Bawang are to be found.

On my previous entry i start my journey to Ba’ Kelalan from Kuching. I’m using two flights from Kuching to Miri and Miri to Limbang before continue using car to Lawas and to Ba’ Kelalan by twincab 4WD. Read about it [HERE]

Buduk Nur is one of the villages in Ba’ Kelalan and most of the main events will be held here.
Today is the official opening ceremony... around 7.30am Rona came to Apple Lodge to bring us (Amirul and i) back to Pak Yudan’s Homestay up in the small hill for breakfast.  

Ba' Kelalan Air Strip...
I can see my room at Apple Lodge from here
Homestay program under Ministy Of Tourism Malaysia.
After done filling up our tummy, we set to leave the dining room for work... *Gochisou sama~(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))*

First... group photo...

The opening ceremony will be held at the football field where the stage already erected. Some representatives from Ministry Of Tourism started to get busy to beautify the stage while me.. i’ve started to go around to meet and greet the villagers or participants of the ceremony later.

Stage for vip seating and night performance.

Lun Bawang ladies.
Around 10.30am, the event started with the arrival of the vips...

a heli is about to landed...
Lun Bawang welcoming dance
YB Datuk Amar Haji Awang Tengah bin Ali Hassan - Minister of Resource Planning and Environment (II), Minister of Public Utilities and Minister of Industrial Development of Sarawak

Canopy for distinguished guests, community leaders and heads of department
After done prayer and singing our national anthem ‘ Negaraku’,  Opening presentation to start of the parade.

from Bintulu branch

It's your day bro! 
#RESPECT to this elder lady because still want to participate.

Opening speech by Datuk Amar Haji Awang Tengah bin Ali Hassan... and the festival is now officially begun!

By 12noon the ceremony is finally over, it’s time for lunch!

Wow... a kite!!
For the record... this group was a champion last year, during 18th Pasir Gudang National Level Kite Flying competition in “International Train Kite” category. *Salute*
I didn’t get to join most of the activities during the afternoon as my migraine hit me big time! After lunch i have to head back to my [dark] room to rest. *bummer*

Around 4.30pm [Thank God the pain is over] i reunited with the troupe again to join them to see the salt spring. There are 3 Salt springs in Ba’ Kelalan but only two are still active. The one that we're going to visit is claimed to be the first and the oldest but it’s no longer active.

Over there....

Briefing about the salt spring and it's process to get the salt
Back to Buduk Nur and to our own crib to freshen up for dinner and cultural night back at the football field but that will be on my next entry.... 

| Want to see more photos? Click HERE | 

Mata ne~ 

NTGravity : Love every bit so far!

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