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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hello!! こんにちは〜v( ̄∇ ̄)v

Since June 16 until 18, 2014 - NTGravity Zone was at the Hilton Hotel in Kuching, Sarawak to attend a 2nd edition of Borneo World Music Expo. NTGravity Zone would like to acknowledged +Sarawak Tourism Board and +Sarawak Bloggers for this opportunity.

This expo will feature conferences, workshops, meetings, a trade fair and music showcases. The Expo is open to all delegates who have registered whilst the public is welcome at the evening showcases. Artists scheduled this year come from Sarawak, West Malaysia, Kalimantan, India, Java, Myanmar, and Thailand.

The event is open for all professionals within the music field who want to increase their contacts, pick up new skills and exchange ideas in dynamic conference sessions. The expo also welcomes those who would like to present their wares, product or music.

16th, 17th and 18th of JUNE - 1930hrs onward.
SHOWCASE TICKETS RM30.00 per person per night

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It's the final day of Borneo World Music Expo for this year...

The session start of with the title...

How It All Works : International Touring.

This session will share some information on procedures, contacts, how to apply, what to expect and developing realistic expectations about earning.

Some tips on how to prepare for an international tour...

Learn what you can about the country you are going to and the conditions they present for performing. If you can, talk to people who may have toured there.

Seek to discover what you can about travel within the country, what it will be like with instrument and what you may need to bring along that your desitination might not have or provided.

Know before you go... Is it a festival? Club? Concert hall? Indoor? Outdoor? Rock venue? a nightclub?

If its a festival - what music does it specialize in? Will there be any conference and expo too?

How big an audience is expected?


Negotiate the payment in currencies you are allowed to bring home or exchange at home country. Be aware that many countries are obliged to deduct taxes from your fees. Avoid unpleasant surprises by knowing before you go if the money you will receive is inclusive or not inclusive these taxes from the negotiated fee.

Repertoire or Song list

Prepare your song list with the correct spelling of all song titles.

Include the name[s] of the composer[s], lyricist, arranger and publisher.

Do stated if the music is traditional or if the arrangement is yours as many countries that will give you rights.

Promo Material

Bring CDs, DVDs [if the performance is well filmed, okay! Not from hand-held smartphone video], a professional looking press kit and please dont ask promoters to pay for CDs...

Tell the organizer if you are available for press interviews. Be sure to have a translator if you need one.

and many more!

Before we take a break for lunch.. second session title World Music as an Upcoming and Integral Segment for Malaysia's Home Grown Events.

This session will discuss on how music, culture and events are used to attract leisure, ecological and business tourists to Malaysia.  This session also will discuss on how support of these sectors will help local artists, businesses and entrepreneurs. The overall Malaysian strategy will be presented along a dicussion on how that strategy is applied in Sarawak.

Like last year, the Speed Dating session is back! This 15 minutes sessions is open to all delegates for a one-on-one meet up as many guests as the time can fit in. You ask for advice, hand over materials, chat or just up close with the programmers and concert bookers.

Imagine in real world, you have to make an appointment to meet them personally that only might happen in what? three months? 

Only at Borneo World Music Expo, this can be your 'shortcut'.

During press conference on final day...

Please be informed that we [Sarawak Bloggers' members] very rarely meet face to face, but we quite a chatterbox in chatroom on social media so it's not so surprising if we didnt realise how fast the time has passed....

...because we missed the first showcase from Geng Wak Long! *bummer*

I personally looking forward to watch their performance.. Luckily Geng Wak Long will also be performing during Rainforest World Music Festival few days from today.

When we arrived, Din Yi Music Company from Singapore just about to begin...

Previously known as Arts Sphere Chamber Ensemble has been recognised as one of Singapore’s most prodigious Chinese chamber music ensembles. 

Captivating audiences with its distinctive approach to music-making and their dedication to showcasing a vast repertoire that ranges from traditional Chinese music to contemporary avant-garde interpretations and cross-genre works, the ensemble has also premiered many compositions by award-winning composers. It has also collaborated with prominent musicians such as Min Huifen and Lu Chun Ning in many well-received concerts and received accolades from critics and audiences alike.

The final showcase came from Java, Indonesia.... they are called Manjalin Raso.

Manjalin Raso is an artistic community dedicated to conserving local culture and its traditional music by harnessing the inherit strength within history, community and continuity. They do this, in part, by promoting the playing of the Saluang (a large flute) as the main element in an assortment of musical crafts. The flute is an important instrument within the culture, binding together various artistic disciplines by way of the senses.

The community views culture and tradition as fluid, ever changing but rooted. Given this, they approach their music openly, free to experiment, to innovate and integrate various other modes of playing, even non-traditional instruments. Given this, the Manjalin Raso Community can perform traditionally as well as in a highly contemporary manner. In every show, an element of innovation is always displayed in two forms, in an exhibition of instruments (traditional Minangkabau) and in more modern, even experimental ways created by the Manjalin Raso Community themselves. As such, they group performs with the saluang flute, ‘digeridu’, varied forms of percussion like the rebana, gape and drums, along with violins and cello. With this, the Manjalin Raso community bequeaths their culture and performing arts to the future.

Woww... how time flies ... but I can not wait for the arrival of Friday..


NTGravity : I hope to be invited again to attend this expo...

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